Why is literature important in today's generation

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Is literature necessary in society?

Text: giroly

The importance of literature has decreased more and more in the last decades. The book trade is reporting increases, but only compared to the previous year. This is of course to be understood with today's media confusion. Today's people prefer to see quick pictures of explosions or the like in front of them. But this should not be generalized. There are always exceptions. But what position does literature take in our society today?

Let us look back when literature did not yet have a place in society. Man lived only to live. He was worried about how to get something nutritious between his teeth. So he dealt with these existential questions day after day. The necessity of food was in the foreground for him, not the pleasure or even the intellectual, but the hard work. He only lived one life and his, but he lived more intensely than we experience life today. He hunted his food, killed it and ate it with pleasure and pride, because he knew he had earned it. This person was poorly dressed and dirty. He was human in the biological sense, but not human in spirit.

There is nothing vital in literature. It doesn't feed us. She doesn't give us anything to eat or even to drink. No. Literature shows up as a hardback book or as a leaflet. It doesn't warm us either. Then what do we need them for?

We need them to remember where we come from and who we are.

We need them to be closer to each other.

We need them to understand each other.

“A poet draws tragedy from his own soul, the soul that is the same as all human beings.” This quote from William Butler Yeats emphasizes that every human being feels fear and happiness, that he can feel hate and love. It also shows us that all people are the same. Literature illustrates this in all of its innumerable works.

It made man become human in spirit and this process continues, because it has not yet reached everyone.

“The only revolutionary force is the force of human creativity. The only revolutionary force is art, ”said Joseph Beuys. Literature has the power to show how we act or acted through the beauty of language. Due to their transcendence, we are confronted with various scenes that show us misery and despair or harmony and happiness. It can be scenes that move us and thereby change us.

So the books that our world has produced are testimonies to our humanity. They describe how we lived, live or even will live. Our happiness and our fear are hidden in it. This is how literature helps us to become more sensitive.

In today's society, literature no longer has a high priority. It is abused to give fitness tips or to mislead people about secret conspiracy theories. It has become commonplace. Due to the dictates of the economy, it is forced to bring only what makes profit on the market.

It is a shame to pursue this, but it has not yet gained the upper hand. The task of literature in the 21st century is to culturally unite the globalized world. What do we Europeans know about life in Japan or Iran. Literature can and should help fraternize opposing cultures. Or to speak to Ruth Maria Kubitschek. Literature can "pronounce more truths than usual, and without people breaking out into malicious laughter."

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