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People's Republic of China

First trip to China?


Do you dream of traveling the Great Wall, discovering the secrets of the Forbidden City, facing the Xi'An underground army, staying in a metropolis like Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong? With a Click to get your visa and let yourself be mesmerized by a traditional and futuristic China!


practical information

Capital: Beijing

Residents: 1 385 350 141

language: Mandarin. Know that few people speak English, with the exception of students, hoteliers and tour guides.

Time difference: + 6h in summer, + 7h in winter

currency: The yuan, 1 yuan is about € 0.13

Here you get a look at the updated exchange rate

Best travel time: Spring or autumn

Important festivals: Chinese New Year (January), Lantern Festival (February), Qing Ming Festival (April), Dragon Boat Festival (June), Lovers Day (August), Ghost Festival (August), Mid-Autumn Festival (September)

Unmissable places: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Qin Emperor's Buried Army, Canton, Yuanyang Rice Fields, Suzhou Gardens, Tiger Leaping Gorge


Health and travel advice for China


Recommended vaccinations

Universal vaccines: DTCP, hepatitis B, MMR, tuberculosis

Hepatitis A and typhoid

For longer stays and / or in rural areas: Japanese encephalitis B, rabies, chickenpox


Health advice

Don't drink tap water: It is not drinkable !. It is often cooked for consumption.

Avoid raw, unpeeled or washed fruits and vegetables, undercooked meat, dairy products and other non-commercial beverages.

Do not approach the animals you encounter.


Security and Fraud

Watch out for flights to tourist areas: in the event of theft, you must file a declaration with the Public Security Office and then present this declaration to the consular authority.

In any case, it is preferable to always have your passport with you, but always leave a copy of the passport and all important documents (airline tickets, other ID, etc.) in your accommodation

Girls and high school students can try to lure you into tea rooms or exhibitions to make you pay exorbitant amounts. A tip: decline from the start!

Take the taxi only at the appropriate stations.



Always carry small amounts of cash with you, although most credit cards are accepted. You may be charged a commission.

Currency counters are available at international airports, at borders, and at Bank of China branches. To change your last yuan, you will need to have some bills of exchange with you.

You can also withdraw money from ATMs if you have an international payment card.

The cost of living in China is generally lower than in our country.



You can rent a bike as well as a car (with a chauffeur compulsory). The bus is the cheapest means of transport, the ticket can be bought directly from the driver. For longer distances, it is advisable to take the train (usually quick and comfortable, comparable to the ICE) or if the journey by bus is not possible. For the latter, it is best to buy tickets through an intermediary through the language barrier. After all, the plane is a safer way to travel, and China has a large network of airlines.



In China there is a large selection of cuisines, divided into 4 main areas: the north (noodles, duck), the south (rice, dim sum, eggs), the west (very spicy, gonbao jiding). ) and the East (seafood, soups).

Green tea (Lucha) is the drink par excellence, but you can also drink beer (Pijiu) and even brandy (Maotai).


Hong Kong and Macau

A visa is not required to get there. However, if you want to return to China after your stay in Hong Kong or Macau, you will need a visa. In this case, we recommend that you apply for a 2-entry visa.



Access to Tibet requires a special permit. An agency with a government license can issue one for you. The visit must be done with a guide.

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