What is the best mouthwash for bad breath

Mouthwash test 2021: They ensure fresh breath

We all want healthy teeth and good taste in the mouth. In addition to brushing their teeth every day, many people use a mouthwash. But choosing the right mouthwash is anything but easy: The well-stocked shelves promise everything from strengthening the enamel and preventing tooth decay, whiter teeth or an effect against gum inflammation to a remedy for bad breath.

For our mouthwash test 2021, we looked at several products to find the best mouthwash.

Mouthwash: useful or unnecessary?

Mouthwashes cannot replace regular brushing of your teeth. So even if you use mouthwash, you should brush your teeth twice a day for at least three minutes and floss weekly. Annual professional teeth cleaning at the dentist is also recommended.

The use of mouthwash is not absolutely necessary for good dental care, but it can support oral hygiene. Mouth rinses can help against bad taste in the mouth or bad breath.

However, you should always consult a dentist to eliminate existing dental problems. In comparison, ├ľko Test has also advised against considering mouthwash solutions as a solution to dental problems.

Mouthwashes are particularly useful for people with exposed tooth necks, fixed braces and for older people who are no longer able to thoroughly brush their teeth.

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Mouthwash vs. mouthwash

There are usually some differences between mouthwash and mouthwashes. While mouthwash is only supposed to counteract bad breath with essential oils, for example, and to ensure fresh breath, mouthwashes can reduce caries and supplement dental care if they are mixed with ingredients such as fluoride. However, they cannot replace the use of toothbrushes and dental floss.

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Mouthwash Test 2021: For irritated gums

"Active gums" mouthwash from Odol-med3
Price: from 1.95 euros (500 ml)

The mouthwash from Odol-med3 is designed to provide optimal care for healthy gums, counteracting bad breath and ensuring fresh breath. The ingredients are supposed to inhibit odor-causing bacteria and fight plaque - all without alcohol.

Here you can order the mouthwash from Odol-med3 on Amazon. *

As part of our mouthwash test 2021, we used the Odol-med3 product for several weeks. The mouthwash solution has a pleasantly minty-fresh taste without burning. After spitting out, the breath appears refreshed.

Our conclusion:
The mouthwash is well tolerated and ensures healthy gums. The fresh taste, which lingers in the mouth for a long time, is also great. In terms of price, the mouthwash solution is also great. What we don't like so much are the ingredients that are sometimes not entirely harmless or even hormonally effective.

All in all, everyone has to decide for themselves whether the mouthwash is right for them.

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Mouthwash Test 2021: For sensitive gums

"Sensitive" mouthwash from Ben & Anna
Price: from 9.99 euros (500 ml)

The mouthwash from the natural cosmetics brand Ben & Anna is intended to reduce irritation and protect the gums. It should be particularly suitable for sensitive gums. It contains natural ingredients such as mint, aloe vera, sage and sea buckthorn and is also alcohol-free.

Here you can buy Ben & Anna's mouthwash from Douglas. *

For our mouthwash test 2021, we tried the product from Ben & Anna for several weeks. What immediately catches our eye and we like it very much: The mouthwash is packaged in a glass bottle and is therefore much more sustainable than most of the other products. After brushing your teeth, about 20 ml is put into your mouth to rinse your mouth for 30 seconds. Then just spit it out. Due to the mint oil it contains, the mouthwash has a very fresh, minty taste that is almost a little "hot" in the mouth. Nevertheless, the rinse is gentle and not uncomfortable.

Our conclusion:
The mouthwash solution from Ben & Anna is actually extremely well tolerated. Although it cannot replace a treatment at the dentist, the gums appear healthy and well cared for. After rinsing, you will also have a super fresh feeling in your mouth, which will keep your breath fresh for longer.

Despite the really high price, the mouthwash is very economical and lasts a long time. We can definitely recommend them.

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Mouthwash Test 2021: For normal to sensitive gums

5in1 mouthwash with nano mint from alverde
Price: from 2.95 euros (450 ml)

The mouthwash from alverde also comes from the field of natural cosmetics. With ingredients such as nano mint, fluoride, aloe vera and sage, the mouthwash is supposed to keep the gums healthy and protect the teeth from tooth decay, without the addition of alcohol.

Here you can buy the mouthwash from alverde on Amazon. *

We tried the alverde product for our mouthwash test 2021 for several weeks. After brushing your teeth, a mouthwash cap is used to rinse the mouth for 30 seconds. The mouthwash has a pleasantly gentle, yet refreshing taste. Compared to many other products, it tastes minty and slightly sweet, so not as hot as many other rinses.

Our conclusion:
The mouthwash from alverde feels pleasant in the mouth and provides a fresh feeling when rinsing. The gums also appear healthy. Unfortunately, the fresh taste doesn't stay in the mouth for long.

Due to the low price, a great mouthwash with average effect that we can recommend.

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The most popular mouthwash for children

In addition to our test, we looked around on Amazon for the most popular mouthwashes for children. The "Smart Kidz" mouthwash from Listerine with fluoride is in the lead. It is supposed to eliminate harmful bacteria and fight tooth decay. In addition, the mouthwash solution should color leftover food so that children can see where they haven't cleaned thoroughly enough.

Here you can buy the "Smart Kidz" mouthwash for children from Amazon. *

If you believe the positive reviews, mouthwash helps with dental hygiene. But there are also some critical voices who complain that the rinsing would discolor the teeth yellow over time.

In order not to take any risks, you can discuss the ingredients of the mouthwash with your dentist-

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