Why are entertainers paid so well

Surprise! 5 surprisingly well-paying jobs

Like everyone else, you secretly dream of a job in which you can make a lot of money later. Do you think that top earners cannot avoid a career as a lawyer, engineer or computer scientist? Not necessarily. There are some occupational fields that don't appear on business cards that often and still earn money. We present you 5 surprisingly well-paid jobs that are anything but run-of-the-mill.

Undertaker: 31,584 euros

Hardly any profession is so foreign and so close to us at the same time - who would have thought that undertaker was one of those well-paid jobs? He organizes the transport and takes care of the preparation and burial of the deceased. Particularly important: His role as an advisor and support for the relatives. It quickly becomes clear that this job is anything but easy - that's why psychological stability and a high level of empathy are an absolute must.

However, those who take up this challenge will be well rewarded: For 2020 alone, sales of 1.83 billion euros are expected for the funeral sector. A gross monthly salary can be up to 1,731 and 2,632 euros gross, and after further training to become an undertaker, it can even be up to 3,500 gross euros.[1, 2] Vocational training as an auditor's specialist has only existed since 2003, but it is not absolutely necessary. The exact demands placed on career changers can differ from company to company.[3]

And if you think to yourself now: “Salary is all well and good, but I don't know enough about the job.” - then don't let ‘fob you off with boring prejudices. The Mödling UNVERGESSEN funeral shows, for example, that there are also many young, committed employees in the team and that there are a lot of exciting tasks. Have you always wanted to know what a working day as an undertaker looks like?

Cruise ship entertainer: 27,600 euros

Working where other make vacation? Really well-paid jobs aren't just those that nobody else wants to do. There are also those where fun is not neglected and you see the world. Not only does it sound incredibly tempting, it is also something for the wallet. The average salary for adventure jobs on the world's seas is between 1,800 and 2,300 euros net per month, depending on the tasks.[4] And the best? Party and show organizations are part of your field of work.

“I got an Alaskan cruise as a gift for my one year old” - employer review for Royal Caribbean International

By the way: The American shipping company Royal Caribbean is the world's largest provider of cruises and owns the two largest cruise ships in the world. A total of 11,700 passengers vacationed on the “Allure of the Sea” and the “Oasis of the Sea” - not counting the crew, of course. Royal Caribbean is also doing well as an employer: the kununu score of 3.94 and a recommendation rate of 86 percent promise great benefits and a pleasant working environment. But be careful: a permanent grin and a good mood guarantee is not for everyone and can also push the entertainer to his limits.

Crime scene cleaner: 38,400 euros

As exciting as the world of Dexter Morgan and the movie crime heroes may sound, the following job is really not for the faint of heart in real life. Equipped with white overall, face mask and latex gloves, the crime scene cleaner removes traces of accident sites or violent crimes.

There is no fixed training path. However, the training to become a state-certified disinfector offers a good basis, which only takes a few weeks: On behalf of doctors and health authorities, the professional cleaners ensure that germs and diseases cannot multiply in hospitals and other facilities.[5] Option two: More and more cleaning companies are offering further training courses.

No matter how: Anyone who decides for this job should not only have the necessary know-how, but also have a resistant stomach. For this, however, you can earn around 20 euros gross per hour - which makes a monthly salary of around 3,200 gross.[6] Particularly important in this job? The working atmosphere among colleagues. If the activity itself strains your nerves to the core, there is no need for unnecessary gossip or competition. You are now wondering what the cohesion of colleagues and the work-life balance looks like in such a tough job?

Even more well-paying jobs:

Specialist for recycling and waste management: 26,400 euros

Make money out of garbage? Doesn't sound too bad after all. The recycling and waste management specialists - also known as garbage collectors - ensure that our waste is properly disposed of. And so that there is no waste chaos, these everyday heroes work in the most adverse weather conditions. Without your help, our garbage would become an even bigger problem than it already is: every German produces an average of 37 kilos of plastic waste each year.[7]

From this perspective, these skilled workers - like so many important professions for our society - still earn relatively too little. In Austria, for example, the starting salary is around EUR 21,000 gross per year. Nevertheless, this profession is one of the really well-paid jobs. In addition to these contributions, there are bonuses such as performance and dirt bonuses.[8] Anyone who still receives a hazard allowance and other flat rates in Germany can earn up to 3,500 euros gross.[9]

Industrial diver 30,000 euros

Collecting money for going underground, that's job number five. They are there wherever something needs to be repaired underwater. What might sound like a fun bathing excursion is anything but fun: Your working terrain is cloudy docks and flooded excavation pits, in which you can barely see a few centimeters.

Aside from the temperatures and the smells, this job is quite dangerous and physically demanding. This is rewarded with a starting salary of at least 2,500 euros gross. However, if you have to do more for special work assignments, you can earn up to 10,000 euros gross per month![10] This is one of the reasons why industrial diving is one of the dangerous, but really well-paid jobs.

However, there are plenty of prerequisites for this dream job: For this job, you need an already completed training as a bricklayer, welder or carpenter and appropriate professional experience. This is followed by a two-year training course and 200 diving hours. Other negative points: You can only work as an industrial diver if you are over 21 years old and in top physical condition and are not homesick. Because the underwater workaholics are often on assembly and therefore sometimes not at home for weeks.[11] 

Well-paid jobs: the most important information at a glance

UndertakerEmpathy, mental resilience, ideally psychological training, organizational talent, legal knowledge of the funeral industry, commercial knowledge and manual skillsTraining as a funeral specialist is an advantagebetween 1,731 and 2,632 euros gross
Cruise ship entertaineremphatic, authenticity, physically fit, able to work in a team, enthusiasticnot necessarybetween 1,800 and 2,300 euros net
Crime Scene CleanerMentally and physically stable, emphatic, conscientious, thorough and insensitive to smellsTraining as a state-certified disinfector is an advantageapprox. 3,200 euros gross
Specialist for recycling and waste managementphysically resilient, able to work in a team, truck driver's license is an advantage, completed vocational training, weather-resistantthree-year training possible, but not necessaryup to EUR 3,500 gross
Industrial diversDiving basics, technical knowledge about work equipment and legal situation, flexibility, physical resilienceAdvanced training (cost approx. 10,000 euros) includes 300 lessons and 200 diving hours and lasts 2 yearsfrom 2,500 euros gross




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