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Afghanistan national flag

The national flag of Afghanistan has been changed several times in recent years. The country's national flag is currently black-red-green.

The checkered history of Afghanistan also led to a constant change in the national flag.

The current national flag of the country today consists of three vertical stripes of the same size in the colors black, red and green. The historical coat of arms of Afghanistan can also be seen on the red stripe: a mosque with a mihrab pointing towards Mecca.

Afghanistan already had the first black, red and green flag under the rule of King Amanullah Khan (1919 to 1930). King Amanullah Khan was on a brief visit to Germany in 1928. The black, red and gold flag of Germany is said to have inspired the king to introduce a three-part flag himself. However, King Amanullah Khan already chose the colors black-red-green.

What the colors in the current national flag stand for is disputed. There are several attempts at explanation.

In one interpretation for the Afghan colors it says:
  • Black stands for sovereignty

  • Red for modernity and progress

  • Green symbolizes Islam

Another explanation is far more colorful and bloody. In 1880 Malalai is said to have raised the black flag of the Durani dynasty during the Battle of Maiwand. This black flag had previously been discolored with blood and dust in the hand of a fallen soldier.

Since 1880 there have been more than 20 different flags in use as the national flag of Afghanistan. This makes Afghanistan the country with the most varied national flag history in the world.

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