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Differentiate British and American words

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes there are very different words in American English than in British English?

That's what the Americans say, for example case instead of autumn (Autumn). Or they say schedule instead of timetable (Timetable).

British English or American English?

Here is a list of different words. You probably already know some of them, don't you?

British English American English German
at the weekend on the weekend on the weekend
autumn case autumn
bathing costume swimsuit Swimsuit / swimming trunks
car park parking lot parking spot
crisps French frieze French fries
course / lesson class Lesson
Movie movie Film / feature film
flat apartment flat
geography area studiesgeography
holiday vacation vacation
lift elevator elevator
maths math maths
mobile phone cellphone mobile
motorway highway Highway
mum mom mummy
pavement sidewalksidewalk
petrol station gas station Gas station
pupil college student student
rubbish garbage rubbish
taxi cab taxi
timetable schedule Timetable
toilet washroom Toilet
torch flashlight flashlight
trainers sneakers sneakers
tube, underground subway Subway
year just school year

Differentiate British and American words

But there are also differences in the spelling:

1. -ou or o?

British English (-ou) American English (-o)
color color
harbor harbor
neighbor neighbor
favorite favorite

2. -re or -er?

British English (-re) American English (-er)
theater theatre
center center
kilometers kilometre
meter meter

3. -ll or -l?

British English (-ll) American English (-l)
counselor counselor
traveler traveler
jewelery jewelry

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