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Translation of "dour" in German

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Her mother is a star dour woman.
For who, the University of Dour?
In 1972 I was reluctant to leave the cozy yet rebellious university town of Tübingen after my studies and head for the cold north, simply because I regarded the people there as dour and unapproachable.
On the one hand, in 1972 I didn't want to leave the cozy but rebellious place of study in Tübingen to move to the cold north, because that's how people like me there stubborn and seemed inaccessible.
You seem even more dour than usual, Watson.
You still seem grumpier than to be usual, Watson.
Could that be the silent, dour George?
I put up a somewhat dour Darwin, but a very happy chimp up there.
I'm showing one pretty much here grumpy Darwin, but a very happy monkey up here.
For the dour Warnings believes a simplistic, linear, and literal understanding of time, the exoteric and esoteric, much less joy and mourning itself.
Because the grumpy Warnings hide a simplistic, linear, and literal understanding of time, the exoteric and the esoteric, not to mention the joy and sadness themselves.
I used to hear stories about dour and angry vegans; now I hear stories about daughters and cousins ​​who are vegetarian.
I always used to hear stories about grumpy and aggressive vegans - now I hear stories about vegetarian daughters and cousins.
I want you to forget earthly time, because I still do not know the day or the hour and I don't want to look down on a dour bride bemoaning My delay.
I want you to forget earthly time because I still don't know the day or the hour and I don't want to go to one grumpy Bride looking down complaining about my being late.
The past week's key economic data releases confirmed the dour tone deployed by the European Central Bank at its January policy meeting.
Last week's economic data releases confirmed that grumpy Tone of the European Central Bank during its January monetary policy meeting.
Although not so easily measured, he is just as plainly taciturn, surly and dour; while for whatever it's worth, his fashion statement is literally criminal: shaved head and extra-baggy trousers, inspired by prison yard wear.
While this is not so easily measured, it is clearly taciturn, crude and grumpy. And whatever its significance, its outward appearance is criminal in the truest sense of the word: shaved skull and particularly baggy trousers, inspired by the prison uniform.
Besides, everyone expects me to be dour and suspicious.
Besides, everyone expects from me hard and to be suspicious.
Don't look like that dour, Genevieve.
The Freudian slip breaks what would otherwise be a dour anti-humanism.
The Freudian slip of the tongue breaks what otherwise happens darker Would be antihumanism.
The video gives an overview about our company itself dour products and services.
The video gives an insight into our company as well as ours Products and services.
Thanks for leaving the dour open, bays.
I would have noticed your dour head smacking into the archways.
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