Why is tarot reading considered bad

And will I still find the love of my life this year? My three cards were luck (center), Knight of the Chalices (Left) and the devil (right). Together, according to Harry, this means that I'm ready and open to a new relationship (luck) and could meet someone who fulfills me emotionally (Knight of the Chalices). However, my sexual desire could cause problems (devil). Was Harry trying to give me a subtle hint?

If I don't change anything in my behavior now, my three cards for the future say - Profit, Strength and Prince of the Chalices (left to right) - that I actually have a very good chance of not being single at the end of the year. Maybe even Harry will be my new friend.

But if I take a different path, the maps predict Seven of swords, Queen of the Coins and Two of the bars (left to right) an alternative future. In the future, a job offer in a strange city could keep me from making a solid commitment.

The cards Abundance, Knight of the Wands and Change (left to right) lower left represent my ex. My Tinder Date (and that was almost scary) used the cards to describe exactly why we broke up. Although we loved each other very much (Abundance) my ex had other goals and needed his independence. As a result, love was no longer enough to stay together ... which hit my Tinder guy on the head.

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The last three cards joy, the emperor and the queen of wands show which stones the universe will put in my way. The good news is that my Harry sees that I'm looking for satisfaction (joy) can set. However, he also advises me not to expect too much and to react to changes with a cool head.

Conclusion: That was my first tarot experience

And how did I find my first tarot experience? Actually, I don't think much of card reading, esotericism or the like. For me this is humbug! I also didn't expect to learn anything from the tarot session. In fact, the experience was quite enriching. I talked to Harry about it after reading the cards and he told me something very wise that made me see Tarot in a different light. He said that he doesn't really believe that the cards can predict the future either. But they can give us different options for thought-provoking. This allows tarot cards to provide clarity and help us decide on a direction. Because in the end we have the future in our own hands ... we just have to trust ourselves to make the right decisions. And if tarot cards can help me with that, I would be stupid if I dismissed it as mere nonsense.

* Name changed. But let's just pretend my date was Harry Styles, he's really hot!

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