Why do people have different hair colors

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  • Why is the beard color sometimes completely different from the actual hair color?
Some men wonder why the color of the beard is often different from the hair color. There are also often different colors in the beard. Example: blonde hair, the beard is also blonde with red hair. This is genetically determined, or it is due to the DNA that comes from the parents.
Georg Go
The human body is covered by different types of hair. There is the long, rather soft hair on the head, just as soft but much shorter hair on the arms and legs and the remaining large areas of the body and there is the coarse hair as it occurs in the pubic area, on the eyebrows or as a beard. It is not uncommon for these hairs to differ not only in structure, but also in color. This is because the properties of the individual hair types are fixed on different alleles in the gene. For example, different characteristics can be defined for scalp hair than for pubic hair.
The fact that the beard color is sometimes completely different from the actual hair color depends on the extent to which the respective color pigments are pronounced. So maybe you have more pronounced color pigments in your hair than on your beard. This then leads to the different colors of the hair.