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The Third Age - Epic Strategy Game

Get ready for an epic fantasy journey with The Third Age, a war and strategy game. Become the hero of the nation and build an empire with your wits and your might.

Fantasy games are popular with people of all ages because they can have their own adventure.

The history:
Three powerful nations: Union Guard, Storm Empire, and Blood Tribe are engaged in a Hundred Years War to rule Middle-earth. You can join any of the nations and begin your adventure. You will have to expand your powers, develop the city, come up with strategies, take control of the resources and compete against other players in order to become the hero of your fantasy world.

Features of The Third Age Epic Fantasy Game
✦ Build a Legendary Kingdom
Become the lord of the realm and build farms, fortresses, train your powers and heroes to lead your attacks against the evil forces. One of the greatest joys of playing a fantasy strategy game is being able to build a kingdom, and The Third Age allows you to create one that can become a legend.

✦Be a general and lead your troops
You can plan battles, train your troops and take advantage of the counter system. You can assign troops to the right heroes and set seamless war strategies to defeat your enemies.
Ride in epic battles to conquer exclusive territories in in-game events. Take part in battle royales, battles between different kingdoms, miracle wars and much more.

✦Play with strategy players from all over the world
Millions of players from all over the world come together to experience this fantasy world and become number 1. Get in touch with them and fight alongside or against them. Make new friends in this game full of fantasy battles with millions. It will be a once in a lifetime experience.

✦Great graphics
The looks and sounds of this epic war game will surely impress you. You can spend hours playing this game as the desire for more land conquests will propel you. Each stage contains new and exciting ways to show off your heroic skills.

The kingdom is yours to be ruled and developed. If you're a fan of epic fantasy games, this one will blow your mind. The nation, the castles, the incredible places, the magical towers and all other things that appear in this magical world are absolute eye-catchers.

This game is not just a war game. This is a game of power between three nations. The nation with the most incredible heroes, skills, equipment and strategies will win the battle and rule the empire. The plot is remarkable. The more you play, the more involved you are in the story.
Before you start the real-time combat adventure game and get lost in your own fantasy world, read the FAQ to get a clear idea of ​​the game. Learn how to redeem gift codes, improve the hero's combat effectiveness, get the right materials for equipment, and much more.
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