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8 simple relaxation tips for more relaxation in everyday life

Our everyday life is often very stressful. Too much stress can in turn lead to tension and tension and, in the worst case, in the long run even to burnout or other stress-related illnesses. In everyday life, it is therefore not only important to have a so-called work-life balance, i.e. a balance between your work and your private life, but also a permanent balance between phases of tension and relaxation in your life. If you relax regularly, adequately and properly in everyday life, you can successfully reduce stress and tension or nip it in the bud before the stress builds up.

But how can you really switch off and how do you relax properly? For inspiration for your daily break, I would like to show you in this article the eight best and easy-to-implement relaxation tips for everyday life or relaxation tips for at home, my feel-good measures for absolute relaxation. In this way, you create small oases of relaxation and regular satisfaction experiences in your life, with which you can then switch off quickly and easily in everyday life and achieve more peace, relaxation and serenity. You create a better mood in yourself and recharge your batteries. With the following relaxation tips you can create your personal moments of happiness in everyday life, so to speak.

Relaxation tip 1: Think of something nice

Make yourself comfortable in a deck chair on the balcony, in the garden, in the café or on your sofa, sit down in a comfortable position and enjoy a delicious espresso or a cup of (matcha) tea. Relax, close your eyes, take a deep breath and now think about beautiful moments that you have experienced in the past or that you are already looking forward to in the future - such as your next vacation. Or take a mental short trip and leaf through an album with your vacation or childhood memories. If you think of pleasant things or indulge in great memories, positive feelings and previous experiences automatically come back to you - and this intuitively improves your mood. The mental short trip in particular will lead you straight into beautiful and relaxed memories. In this way you can immediately call up pleasant situations associated with it in your mind. Such a personal resting phase, which you give your body, is important in everyday life for coming down, for thinking and reflecting on events as well as for processing the things you have experienced. You can then draw noticeably more energy and new strength for the future.

Relaxation tip 2: Relax with your favorite activity

Make yourself comfortable on your sofa and relax with things that you love to do and that give you joy. For example, listen to your favorite music, read a good book or your favorite magazine in peace, or watch your favorite show or an interesting film. By the way, it is particularly relaxing in the winter months in front of a crackling fireplace - or alternatively with a fireplace DVD. And in summer of course in the garden or on the balcony. By the way, calm, melodic and purely instrumental music is particularly suitable for relaxing. I relax best with pleasant lounge music. So my tip: DELUXE LOUNGE RADIO, a great radio station to relax in, which you can receive for free via the smartphone app from radio.de, for example.

Relaxation tip 3: Take a relaxing bath

Pamper yourself more often with a soothing relaxation bath in the warm bathtub and then relax there by candlelight. Because especially warmth or the warm water has a relaxing effect and a calming effect on you. It can also very easily relieve tension and tension caused by stress. With a 15 to 20-minute relaxation bath, you can switch off quickly and easily and recover from everyday stress. However, it only unfolds its full effect when you add fragrant and soothing essential oils and half a cup of cream or milk to the bath water. In this way, the essential oils mix perfectly with the water and are evenly distributed. Especially in stressful times, you can use aromas specifically to get rid of stress more quickly, to relax or to specifically improve your mood. The sensual scent of lavender is particularly relaxing: Lavender oil has a calming, harmonizing and sleep-promoting effect.

Relaxation tip 4: go for a walk in nature

Stress arises in the head, but it can only be banished again through movement. Exercise is therefore a proven and effective tool against stress, as it breaks down the accumulated stress hormones, i.e. adrenaline and cortisol in the blood. In addition, movement also supplies the furthest corners of your (possibly tense) body with fresh oxygen and loosens your muscles so that you simply feel fresher afterwards. In addition, exercise distracts from annoying thoughts of work and is a scientifically recognized anti-depressant. A short flying visit in the countryside is also particularly relaxing. Because nature has a calming effect on us, makes us happier and can (for a short time) even lower blood pressure. Just 20 minutes in nature are enough to clear your head and reduce stress, increase your endorphin level in the blood, i.e. the happiness hormones, and feel more relaxed and more energetic. The best way to relax is to go for a walk in the countryside. It is therefore best to take a long walk every day in nature or in the fresh air (e.g. during your lunch break or in the evening after your workday) and suck in fresh oxygen as well as valuable daylight and sunlight. For example, if you discover a horse in a meadow in the meantime, petting it - because petting an animal also helps reduce stress. If you go for a walk in the forest or around a beautiful lake, listen carefully to the pleasant twittering and the lovely and wonderfully relaxing chants of the birds flying around. Of course, if walking is too boring for you and you prefer running, I don't want to stop you. To compensate for stress in your everyday life and to simply reduce stress, however, leave it at slow running and do not train for performance - because that could possibly cause new stress again.

Relaxation tip 5: Do a relaxation exercise

Those who work mainly while sitting, mostly breathe shallowly and can only supply their body with a fraction of the oxygen it needs and therefore less energy. In addition, breathing shallowly increases the breathing rate, which in turn accelerates the heart rate. The consequences are then increased stress, loss of energy and mental blocks. So how about a breathing exercise? With abdominal breathing you can contain stress and specifically bring about relaxation. To do this, breathe in deeply and forcefully for four seconds, try to hold your breath for eight seconds (or maybe a little longer) and then breathe out very slowly. You can do this breathing exercise perfectly in the office. If you use them at home, it is best to lie down, because this also increases the relaxation effect. In addition, meditation or yoga are also ideal for relaxation. Yoga in particular stretches your body so that you feel good again.

Relaxation tip 6: Do yourself in the garden

For many people, having your own garden is a welcome activity and a change from everyday activities at work and around the house. Through the movement you can not only reduce stress and clear your head, but you can also enjoy the things or life that you have created yourself there. That gives you an extra portion of joie de vivre and satisfaction in everyday life.

Relaxation tip 7: Do something nice with your partner or meet up with your friends

In everyday life, do something more often with loved ones who you like and like to have around you. So make an appointment with your partner or your family or your best and closest friends for joint activities. This could be, for example, a walk, a group excursion or a day of shopping, a visit to the cinema or a delicious dinner in a nice restaurant. Or experience a breathtaking live concert or an exciting sports event together. Of course, you can also meet at home for a good movie or cook your favorite dish together, which you can then enjoy together with a good bottle of red wine. Cooking in particular slows you down, is fun and takes the stress out of you.

Relaxation tip 8: Pamper yourself with a relaxing wellness day

The last measure is also one of the most powerful and effective tips for absolute relaxation and recreation: Visit a thermal bath regularly, preferably every one to three months, and then pamper yourself or your body and mind with an extensive wellness day - so to speak your mini vacation in everyday life. Let yourself float there on the natural thermal water, enjoy soothing saunas and then let yourself go with a deeply relaxing massage. Enjoy a delicious and healthy fitness meal on the side and relax during the recovery phases in the relaxation lounge area on the relaxation lounger with a cup of mountain herbal tea in your hand. So you can switch off from everyday stress perfectly and sustainably within a few hours, feel noticeably more relaxed and rested and recharge your batteries for everyday life. You deserve it!

If you need an extra portion of relaxation and want to escape the stress of everyday life successfully, I recommend a wellness weekend or a wellness short break in a beautiful wellness hotel for maximum relaxation (approximately every three to six months). Often a short recovery phase of two to four days in a dreamy wellness hotel or beach resort is enough to dramatically draw new strength and recharge your batteries. Because several short vacations during the year are much more relaxing for your body than a single, long vacation in the year. So treat yourself to a few days off every now and then. Then forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and leave the stress of everyday life behind you. On the following overview page I have put together for you what I consider to be the best wellness hotels or beach resorts for a relaxing wellness weekend, a wellness short break or even a city trip, which I have selected from a large number of hotels and personally tested in recent years . I am sure that there is something for every taste and that you will feel completely at home there!

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