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The Industrial Design bachelor's degree is consistently and professionally geared towards the work of internationally operating agencies and companies. One focus of the course is therefore internationalization: this can be a semester abroad and / or an internship, but also contact with our guest students from the USA, other European countries or South America. And of course studying together with our international full-time students.
The semester abroad is an important career component for future graduates. It goes without saying for us and is supported and promoted as much as possible.

Since 2007, UWID has had an intensive exchange with the University of Cincinnati (UC) in the USA. Cincinnati has already been voted the best location for industrial design in the States several times and complements the focus areas of Wuppertal. Every winter semester, students from Wuppertal are both at UC and through Erasmus programs at European universities; In return, visiting students come to us.
The high quality of the partner universities also proves the acceptance of the UWID training level abroad.

DAAD scholarship: generous financial support for our students

We have already applied for an ISAP program (International Study and Training Partnerships) for our students several times. Specifically, this means that every winter semester until 2022 eight of our students on full-time scholarships at the University of Cincinnati can study. The current project has a total volume of almost 250,000 euros.
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Our partner universities

UC - University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
College for Creative studies, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Universiteit Antwerp, Belgium
Design School Loughborough University
Aalto University Finland
Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel
Hongik University Seoul