Is Amazon Prime membership helpful

Cancel your Amazon Prime membership

You can easily end your Amazon Prime membership or your free period.

You can change your Amazon Prime membership at any time, including during your free period, in the section Settings under close my account.

To end your Amazon Prime membership:

  1. Go to Manage Prime Membership.
  2. click on Update, cancel and more and then on End membership - forego benefits. Confirm your selection on the following screen.
  3. Choose I am giving up my Prime benefits and follow the steps displayed to confirm your cancellation.


  • If you and your invited household members have not yet used the benefits of Prime in the respective paid period, we will refund the full membership amount for this period.
  • If you cancel during the free period, your membership will end after the free period.
  • You can cancel your Amazon Prime membership or end your free period to ensure it doesn't convert to a full Amazon Prime membership.