Have you ever given up on someone

You gave up long ago - now it's my turn

You gave up on me long ago when I was no longer your priority. When you didn't care about me anymore When everything else came before me When you didn't care where I was or what I was doing. When other people were higher on your priority list than me. I was the one who should have been at the top of your list and somehow I was always the last.

You gave up on me when your love faded When you got bored, when you didn't want to try anything anymore. I kept finding new reasons to fall in love with you and new ways to show you that. And you've chosen to live in the glory of your old glory.

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You gave up on me when you refused to improve our relationship. It was more fun staying indoors than going out. Ordering food was more interesting than cooking together. It has always been more interesting to spend more time with others than to think about how to have a good time with me alone.

Why bother doing something when we're already together? No more flowers, no more good morning texts, no more night kisses and no more seductions. You allowed us to fall into a routine of old couples, even when we were far from old.

You gave up on me when you didn't care if you lost me. When you didn't care anymore what I did. When you didn't care where I was, who I was with, or how much I was hurt. When you didn't care if I stayed or left. You gave up on me so easily that I wondered if I was ever really important to you.

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I've tried so hard to keep the two of us together.

I struggled so long and I struggled until I had run out of air in my lungs, no more strength to pick myself up, until I got too tired to even form a sentence in my head. And even then my lungs breathed for you, my legs rushed to you, my arms were only open to you and the only one I had in my head was you.

You were always on my mind, I kept trying to find new ways to get you to perceive me, so that you could see how hard I tried and how much I cared.

But you didn't appreciate me.

You didn't care that I was always there for you. My efforts meant nothing to you. Nothing I ever did mattered and nothing I did could wake the old you up. It's like the guy I was in love with was long lost and I was too blind to see.

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You don't care if I'm happy or unhappy.

Everything that happened cut my heart open. You didn't care if I was unhappy or how much I was hurt. I have found that I am not as important to you as I was then and that I do not mean half as much to you as you mean to me.

You got fed up with everything so quickly.

And you didn't do anything about it. You just let everything go as if nothing was sacred to you, as if what we went through meant nothing to you. You don't care about the whole thing, everything is temporary and no longer amusing after a while.

But I didn't have that luxury, you know.

Because I am different. And when I love, I love to the end. I don't allow myself to get tired or bored and I never give up. I fight as long as there is something worth fighting for. As long as it makes sense.

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I fought desperately.

I fought for you like my life depended on it I tried and tried again and again. I always found hope, where no one thought to look, I stayed by your side, even if someone else would have left a long time ago. I refused to believe that your love had an expiration date. But I'm done with being blind.

It took me a while to realize that I shouldn't fight for a man who already has one leg outside the door. You didn't give up on me because I did something wrong. You didn't give up on me because I was too clingy or because I let you down. You gave up because making a commitment to one person means really trying every single day to keep love burning. And that's too much for you.

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Now it's my turn to give up.

It's okay, I get it. You were bored, you didn't want to try anymore. You were hoping things would get great even after you stopped trying. And when they weren't, you chose to give up instead of waking up.

Now it's my turn to give up. Now it's my turn to stop fighting for someone who doesn't want to stay, someone who doesn't care about me. I give up. I give up my daily chore of being the only one who really cares. Now it's my turn to do to you exactly what you did to me.

I'll save my efforts for someone to notice. I save my love for those who don't take it for granted. And I fight for someone who doesn't want to give up on me so easily.

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