What is the best medical alert system

The best medical devices for home health monitoring

Some of the most popular and widely used are Blood pressure Monitors , Oximeter or heart rate Monitors that you can use to control Blood pressure, the level of oxygen saturation in the blood or the heart rate. It used to be unthinkable to have this information in our hands without seeing a doctor, but the truth is that today it's much easier to have some control over our health with this type of device. For this reason, below we are going to show you some of the best tensiometers, oximeters, thermometers or heart rate monitors to monitor our health on a daily basis.


Best health monitoring devices

Connect the OMRON blood pressure monitor

It is a very easy to use and completely wireless arm blood pressure monitor. Thanks to the OMRON connect app, it is also possible to view and understand all the data provided by this blood pressure monitor. With the smartphone itself, we are in control of all blood pressure measurements that are carried out in order to observe the trends or changes that may occur that may affect our state of health.

JUMPER oximeter

Large screen pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. It has Bluetooth Smart to be able to transfer all measurements to our phone through the jumper Health app and uses LFC technology to give very accurate results. It has a warning system in case the measurements are alarming.

OMRON Healthcare X4 blood pressure monitor

The OMRON X4 Smart is a blood pressure monitor that makes it easier to measure blood pressure at home and can transfer the results to our mobile phone via Bluetooth. In this way we can automatically display the blood pressure readings, the latest results, etc. on the screen of our phone. It's even possible to ask Alexa to remind us.

ViATOM oxygen monitor

It is an oxygen monitor specially designed for monitoring or controlling sleep apnea. It has a smart vibration function that is activated when it detects that the oxygen level in the blood drops below the minimum threshold to avoid effects of this situation like sleep apnea. Thanks to the WellOxy mobile app, we can view a full report of the data collected during sleep.

IHealth IHKN550BT blood pressure monitor

Clinically validated blood pressure monitor and very easy to use, making blood pressure measurement at home a breeze. With iHealth Track we can monitor and track our blood pressure or heart rate. It can save up to 60 measurements before synchronization and has its own iHealth MyVitals app, with which all data can be displayed graphically.

ViATOM oximeter

Oxygen saturation meter with advanced technology for reliable results. It has an alarm function for low saturation or heart rate. It has its own app for iOS and Android devices, Vihealth, where we can see all the data in real time from the mobile phone.


This model from the manufacturer 1 BY ONE is an arm blood pressure monitor with Bluetooth that can save up to 60 measured values ​​for two different users. Thanks to its app, available for iOS and Android, we can view the measurement history and carry out more comprehensive monitoring in a very simple way. With every measurement, this blood pressure monitor shows a comparison of the result with normal pressure and warns of irregularities that could affect our health.

Konjac oximeter

It's a finger pulse oximeter or blood oxygen saturation monitor that is very easy to use for anyone in the home. With the simple fact of placing a finger on the device, it takes care of the appropriate measurements and displays the results on the screen.

ViATOM heart rate monitor

This heart rate monitor is mainly used to control our heart rate or our rhythm during sports. It is based on ECG sensor technology and enables continuous monitoring of the frequency throughout the day. Therefore, it is also very useful to monitor our heart rate in real time 24 hours a day, even when we are not exercising. Allows you to set the alarm heart rate thanks to the Vihealth app.

KKmier infrared digital thermometer

It is one of the most widely used and requested devices today. It is a digital thermometer that measures body temperature without skin contact. Suitable for all ages and very easy to use. The screen changes color depending on the result, so we can easily tell whether we have a fever or not. It can also be used to measure the temperature of certain objects or even water without having to touch it. For a correct measurement, simply press the thermometer button at a distance of between 3 and 5 centimeters.