How was your weekend 1

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This is something I ask around the class after every weekend. And I love hearing the different responses. It ranges from "Well" to "not so good " and "beautiful". It makes you realize we all shared the same weekend and yet came out with different experiences and memories.

Today in class we happened to learn about past perfect. Remember Past Perfect tense in English? Well that's your past perfect in German. You use this type of tense to talk about an event that already happened before another event that SO took place in the past. For instance, when I arrived at the bus stop, the bus had already departed. As you can see, the bus departing had already happened before I arrived at the bus stop. That ladies and gentlemen is your past perfect. It's quite simple if you ask me. It also comes along with a mini rule to make it easier to follow. The past perfect is written by using the auxiliary verb “haben” and “sein” in the simple past along with the participle 2.

For example- I worked all day. Then I went shopping. So here you can see, we are talking about two events that happened in the past where one happened before the other and we are also following the rule of using to have in the past tense form along with participle 2. And it's as simple as that =)


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