Can you bathe a dog too much?

Bathing your dog: when brushing is not enough

Step 1: prepare

Prepare everything: Put dog shampoo, if necessary a grooming bar with shampoo function, within easy reach, have enough towels ready and ideally place an absorbent pad in front of the bathtub / shower. So that your dog does not slip and injure itself, it is essential to ensure that it is on a non-slip surface. You can also prevent scratches in the tub with a non-slip mat.

Step 2: set the water temperature

Set the water temperature to be comfortable for you and your dog. Then you start to wet the dog with a gentle jet of water from the paws up. Observe your dog and you will quickly find out which temperature is perceived as beneficial. Please leave out the head and ears first.

Step 3: washing

Now wash the fur carefully with your hands or with the practical curry comb with shampoo function. Please make sure that no shampoo and water can get into the ears and eyes. This is very uncomfortable for dogs and in the worst case, inflammation can develop. Hold your hand protectively over your eyes and ears and it is best to use your hands to clean your head.

Step 4: rinse out the shampoo

Gently rinse all of the shampoo out of your dog's fur. You can only start drying when there is no longer any shampoo residue on the coat.

Step 5: drying off

It is best to pat the fur dry with an absorbent towel in the bath / shower tray: Not too tight, otherwise there is a risk of hair becoming tangled or damaged. Then dry the dog further outside the bathtub with a towel.

Step 6: dry the fur

Your dog's fur can now dry: In summer, preferably in the sun; in winter, a warm spot near the heater must be enough. You can also use a blow dryer that is not too hot, but only if your dog knows the noise and finds the blow dryer pleasant.

Depending on the structure of the fur and the season, the skin and fur are not really dry until the next day and should only then be brushed and groomed. Otherwise, you risk damaging the dog's delicate skin and fur. If a bath cannot be avoided in the cooler season of the year, you should be particularly careful, because it behaves similarly to humans: Your darling is only allowed to go outside when his fur is completely dry in order not to get sick from the hypothermia become.