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nutritionWhy some Farts so bad stink

Why do some pupils smell worse than others? The food is to blame - especially high-protein foods. Bodybuilders know that. But you can prevent it through a balanced diet.

The good news first: You can do something to ensure that your pupils don't stink so badly. The diet determines the fart smell - or rather the stench. There are studies on this. And that should be of particular interest to Arno: with his comment on Facebook on the subject of eating eggs, he wrote to us that you could smell the downdrafts as to whether the food was healthy.

In parts, Arno is right with his thesis. It would be more correct to say that the odor intensity of our downdrafts is an indication of how well-balanced we have eaten.

Protein-rich food creates a smell

A few years ago, a researcher from Monash University in Australia examined the smell of pupils and found that cysteine ​​is primarily responsible for the foul odor. Cysteine ​​is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is contained in certain proteins found in dairy products, meat and eggs, among other things. Deutschlandfunk-Nova reporter Sabrina Loi says that bodybuilders know this. According to the researcher, their pupils often smell less good because bodybuilders often consume proteins to build muscle.

"The flatulence of bodybuilders smells very bad, says the researcher. In fitness circles they are also very affectionately called" protein farts "."
Sabrina Loi, Deutschlandfunk Nova

The air that comes out of our intestines consists of various components - including hydrogen sulfide. In an experiment, the researcher looked to see when the most hydrogen sulfide was produced. Hydrogen sulfide is produced in the intestine when the bacteria break down our food - and it smells particularly intense.

For her test, the researcher took excrement from people and mixed them with various substances found in our food - including starch, oligofructose, psyllium husks and cysteine. For four hours, she then measured every five minutes how high the hydrogen sulfide concentration was. Result: In the case of cysteine, the production of hydrogen sulfide increased sevenfold.

Starch and oligofructose neutralize the smell of pupae

The researcher noticed the opposite effect in the case of resistant starch and oligofructose. Both are substances that our digestive enzymes cannot break down in the intestine. The researcher mixed these two substances with the feces that contained cysteine. The result: the production of hydrogen sulfide was 90 percent lower.

"If you eat things that contain a lot of resistant starch or oligofructose, the follicles don't stink so much. Wheat, grain, asparagus or legumes are helpful."
Sabrina Loi, Deutschlandfunk Nova

So with legumes like lentils or beans, we may have to puff more often. But now we also know: The farts don't smell so bad then. And if we eat eggs or meat, then potatoes would be a good idea.

In this respect, Arno is absolutely right with his comment on our Facebook page when he writes: "Nice fried egg on fried potatoes." So when you combine the proteins from the eggs with the starch from the potatoes, the gases in the intestines are neutralized.

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