Do you get along with seniors

If you don't like something, make it suitable for you!

Basic LOL training and education

If the precautionary measures regarding Corona prevent us from meeting too directly, we'll do the best we can in this situation: we go online.

Ok, we don't look each other straight in the eye, we can't touch and hug, we have less choice of partner exercises. But we still get in touch. We open our hearts and can still feel the others.

We even sometimes forget that we are just sitting in front of the screen.

With a little background understanding, you will better understand why you should make laugh training part of your routine.

1 x 2 hours of theory and practice, plus 2 extra laugh sessions

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Introductory course in Laughter Wellness

59 €

Online basic course laughter training / Laughter Wellness

150 €

This online training is offered as long as face-to-face training is not possible.

3 x 2 hours, practice and theory, homework, plus 2 extra laugh sessions

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Mindfulness, Laughter, and Conversation /
(former laugh trainer for seniors)

290 €

Deepening of the laugh training, focus on mindfulness, deceleration, exercises while sitting, instructions for speech circles,
Laughter walks,

Homework, plus 2 extra laugh sessions

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Regular laugh training sessions

Laughter training works when used regularly. Every Thursday at 7 p.m. and every Sunday at 11 a.m.

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