What is it like to be sensitive

Body & Soul

And that is exactly what matters: Assuming that sensitivity is a valuable asset. To appreciate the intense feelings and the keen view of the world of the sensitive. Sensitive people are also more receptive to art, music, spirituality and ethics than others. You can use that. They produce great things, although they could dare even greater things. To lift the fear, which is like a noose, not on the heel but around the neck and prevents them from speaking, especially where they would like to say something.
If you notice that people keep stressing that what they are doing is not their own merit, even though you find that they have a great way of thinking that they are wonderfully able to display, then it is often a sign that they are they are highly sensitive. No matter how small your gestures, your sign language towards these people - they are worth gold for those who often have the feeling that they are not good enough. It might cost you a few seconds, but your words and actions will remain unforgettable for sensitive people.

It is not necessary to agree with the book or the professor in everything. After all, it is a sensitive attempt to pay attention to the phenomenon of high sensitivity. It describes a scientifically established concept that is dedicated to a minority in society. It arouses curiosity because it draws exciting ways to deal with sensitivity.