Why do some actors spit while speaking

Your actor!

Every crisis holds opportunities. In the case of the coronavirus pandemic, locking up actors has proven to be hugely helpful. You should not only stick to this in the future between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. The world out there is a better one if you can't meet certain people. People who are convinced that memorizing bad texts makes them luminaries in general education and good table manners whose opinion wants to be heard.

But nobody wants to know what they think. On the contrary, actors everywhere are rightly considered to be depraved and extremely angry subjects. They use every opportunity to tell everyone who has not turned off the television at Drei about their commitment. If everyone who has ever shoved 20 cents into the hands of a street newspaper seller were an actor, German television would have to produce eighty million times more talk show formats so that there was enough fuss about the matter. Regardless of whether a local library is closed somewhere or an orangutan is forced into prostitution - an actor has already taken on the matter in an honorable fight that Kevin Costner could not have played more passionately in "Robin Hood - King of Thieves".

It's never nice to listen to artists. It is in the nature of things that it is their craft to jazz common places that every fourth grader should have understood, to complex matters that only the artist himself seems to have fully understood. But the disgust increases with actors. Because actors have learned what is called "good speaking" in drama schools. It's a language that couldn't be more uncomfortable. A discomfort so powerful that it can burst cold sores and cause stomach contents to flow back into your mouth. Most people find it difficult to suppress the urge to spit in the face of an actor when he starts to speak, and as a result suffer from terrible fantasies of violence.

That's why these videos of everything sealing are so bad. It's not the confused statements. A year of pandemic has made most of them a little crazy. You usually react to total mental failures with the necessary empathy. But it is this grandiose self-confidence that is really nothing-based that lies in the voice of Jan Josef Liefers, for example. Perhaps no one in the world feels more important than this vain dude who, through his work on countless horrific productions, feels called to take a position on epidemiological issues.

If he then begins to suspect what ridiculous crap he has cobbled together, the actor will talk himself out of the fact that everything is not to be taken one-to-one, that one has not inadvertently used the stylistic device of irony, that one rather » want to shake up ”and set in motion a“ social discourse ”. But nobody needs actors to speak for discussion. After all, you don't need someone to poop on your table to prepare a good meal.

It is to be hoped that the word "actor" will prevail as a gutter swear word in the schoolyards. Also in variations like "son of an actress", "daughter of an actor" or just "Til Schweiger". That would be the least amount of self-defense that one would have to bring against this branch of the devil's profession.

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