Why do we have to cook food

We should make up for food as soon as possible

  • Chez Christina

    Christina Hubbeling

Let's be honest: who still enjoys without regrets? Who eats because it just tastes good? Why it pays to maintain a positive attitude towards nutrition.

Why do we actually eat? The most banal answer to this question is: Because our body needs food in order to function. But eating is much more than that. Food is a cultural asset, a connecting element and a sociological distinguishing feature.

Eating can be a substitute and also a means of self-optimization. Whereby eating is often not primarily about eating, but about not eating it. Because those who can do without are considered disciplined. And those who are disciplined have not only themselves but also their lives under control.

The new "SchniPo" is foregoing

Who can eat a large piece of cake without having a bad conscience afterwards? Who orders a cordon bleu with french fries in a restaurant without immediately making the resolution to compensate for this hedonistic mortal sin with a double jog the next day?

Pasta carbonara? For heaven's sake, no carbohydrates and no bacon cubes at all! Butter plait with jam for breakfast? You can go straight back to bed and pull the covers over your head for the rest of the day! If the day doesn't start with at least a chia bowl or a green smoothie, it's already lost.

Every plate a trap

So every plate seems to be a trap, every meal has the potential to lure us into an ambush where bad fats and empty calories stand in the way of self-optimization. Whereby we are not even safe from the raw food plate. Conventionally grown salads and vegetables can contain toxins such as carcinogenic pesticide residues.

Don't drive yourself crazy!

So how can we still enjoy eating when we are led to believe that it is fundamentally damaging to our figure, health and beauty? My advice: Stop worrying too much today. Away with the açai bowl and here with the chicken in the chörbli.

Why consume a green smoothie for breakfast when you're in the mood for honey rolls and warm cocoa? Why not drink sparkling mineral water if you prefer that to boredom with still water just because it's supposed to be healthier? Those who trust their senses, feel their body, notice what is good for them and when enough is enough.

Cook yourself, enjoy the food

Real, real food that is self-prepared and therefore does not contain any additives such as flavor enhancers or preservatives is never a bad thing.

Anyone who bans microwave junk food, energy drinks and substitute meals from their life is guaranteed not to have a guilty conscience when they eat a plate of honest food. Especially not when it comes to homemade pasta that is generously sprinkled with stringed cheese.

Because authentic comfort food is exactly the kind of food that holistically nourishes the body and mind and ultimately makes us happy and satisfied. And satisfied people, on the other hand, do not feel the need to stuff themselves with mountains of sweets or junk food out of frustration.