Hiring TCS BSc students

Application according to the Freedom of Information Act NRW, UIG NRW, VIG Dear Sir or Madam, Please send me the following:

Current ECTS grading tables for the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, to the best of my knowledge, are sent to the graduates in this form anyway, so they should be easy to find and cost-free. One more personal note: In the interests of all students, you could simply "publish" these tables for all study programs online either on the RWTH website or at www9.rwth-aachen.de. Other universities such as KIT have been publishing these on their website for years now: https://www.sle.kit.edu/nachstudium/ects-einstufenstabellen.php

This is an application under the Law on Freedom of Access to Information for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Freedom of Information Act North Rhine-Westphalia - IFG NRW), the Environmental Information Act North Rhine-Westphalia (insofar as environmental information is concerned) and the Federal Consumer Information Act (insofar as consumer information is concerned are). In my opinion, there are no grounds for exclusion. For reasons of equity and in particular due to the fact that the information will be made available to the public in a non-profit manner, I ask you to refrain from charging fees in accordance with § 2 VerwGebO IFG NRW. As far as environmental information is concerned, this is a simple request according to §5 (2) UIG NRW. If, in your opinion, the file information is subject to a fee, I would ask you to inform me in advance and state the amount of the costs. I refer to § 5 Abs. 2 IFG NRW, § 2 UIG NRW and ask you to make the requested information accessible to me immediately, at the latest after one month. If you are not responsible for this application, I would like to ask you to forward it to the responsible authority and to inform me about it. In accordance with Section 5, Paragraph 1, Clause 5 of the IFG NRW, I would ask you to reply in electronic form (e-mail). I would like to ask you to confirm receipt and thank you for your effort! Sincerely, Applicant Applicant <>

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