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00:00:24: Welcome to STARTUP instagram my name is Jan Thomas and that is the third episode on the topic of the new normal.

00:00:30: The foundry is trying to find out how the Corona crisis will affect individual industries. The next few episodes are about the tourism industry, trade and healthcare.

00:00:40: And today it's going to be very specific and e-mobility is the question of how we will move in the future and how often in front of you.

00:00:46: What has become an extremely versatile episode this must take longer than usual but it is worth it so we speak to representatives of corporations from investors.

00:00:54: micromobility individual transport.

00:00:57: So there are very, very many who know what we are transporting and what we are transporting in this episode, so if you hear it through you will probably have a very, very concrete picture of how the mobility industry is currently changing.

00:01:06: We have a really great raffle too. You can win this episode of Tier Mobility a total of ten packages of 120 minutes of free rides.

00:01:13: We'll get to that later, before we get in, I'd like to let our partner PwC have a say first, the whiskey from the past episodes that PPC kindly supports us.

00:01:21: Of course, PwC has a whole range of highly competent experts on the individual subject areas.

00:01:26: That's how it is in this case, too. I speak to Christoph Stürmer, he is at PwC autofacts global song Engel is and.

00:01:33: Yes, I spoke to him briefly about why his view of the changes in the world of mobility are.

00:01:38: And for which points PBC should be kept in mind, he is Christoph great that you are with us in the podcast then maybe you can introduce yourself and tell what you are doing.

00:01:46: My role is global Lied Engel is for automotive, that means I deal with the trends with the future with the planning of the automotive industry, both production and technology as well as market developments,

00:01:59: is an extremely exciting task that I have already done at Daimler and previously at the industrial analyst.

00:02:07: We have the issue of changing the world of mobility as a result of the Corona crisis

00:02:11: You have a whole lot of ideas and can you describe what the mobility world is for you and especially where it could develop now due to Corona,

00:02:20: yes, before the crisis we all talked about a major transformation in the automotive industry, about the transformation of mobility, we also examined this at PwC in a mobility initiative

00:02:35: in which four industries work together: automotive, energy, logistics and the public sector.

00:02:43: So far we have assumed that the mobility of the future will actually consist of sharing, which means that moving parts actually replaces moving a relatively large number of people at the same time in integrated systems.

00:02:57: The Corona crisis has now shown us that we will of course need integrated mobility systems in the future, but

00:03:04: we learn the individual individual mobility will be more in the foreground in the future, so it will continue to be

00:03:13: Technologies of all kinds but possibly less sharing more individuality,

00:03:18: Do you see new models that are still to come, so if you say more individuality or are these the parties that are already there, then the map of Denmark will only be redistributed no we see a very clear trend towards micromobility.

00:03:31: And right there we see a gap between the classic car and the e-scooter or the moped - we believe that there must be new ways of moving around the city

00:03:44: which are both space-saving and highly intelligent as well as weatherproof and that can be four-wheeled motorcycles, but above all, that is.

00:03:53: Devices that move as a mobility swarm with new algorithms with new security concepts, very closely networked with the urban infrastructure, there are an incredible number of solutions that have not yet been used cell phones. There are a lot of opportunities.

00:04:08: And then in the preliminary talk we briefly talked about the fact that if you look at the automotive industry now, there is no longer any great opportunity for startups due to the crisis.

00:04:18: Can you go over that a little bit, yes,

00:04:21: It was one of our most surprising discoveries that we saw how stable the Chinese and US markets actually were even during the crisis,

00:04:30: and how badly the European market collapsed we took a closer look and they noticed that many car dealers in China started very quickly

00:04:42: With small ones with simple home remedies to sell digitally simply a cell phone a sales person a customer and

00:04:50: You simply had a virtual sales pitch there that showed us that stationary car dealerships can possibly also be very well suited to the carrier of digital ones

00:05:04: So far, being formats is like that.

00:05:07: These digital sales models are huge projects run by the automaker, we believe that every dealership every dealership has a much greater opportunity.

00:05:18: Can also be practiced virtually with small, with fast, with elegant solutions.

00:05:25: Totally exciting if we were to simulate it like that and would now be instadub

00:05:29: we'll get to your star in a moment, and it's also very interesting for me, but if you were a starter what I could address to car dealers, you would then contact the car dealers separately because or or us that a central topic again afterwards.

00:05:42: No, I don't think it's about finding solutions that really work in the field, that work very easily at every iron car dealer.

00:05:51: Which of course also have to be connected to the systems of the car dealership to the systems of the car brand for which this is logically typical back-end integration is certainly important.

00:06:01: But.

00:06:02: The exciting thing is that the individual car dealers know their customers best and Weissach knows best what their customers need. Local solutions are probably in demand now.

00:06:12: Is everything clearly already indicated? You also have your own because I find that totally fascinating that you are, so to speak

00:06:16: even though you still have a full-time job, you can still briefly describe what you're doing there, the idea of ​​this start-up is to really network electromobility and the energy industry,

00:06:29: by creating a uniform, common system of intelligent energy storage systems, the energy transition is created

00:06:38: very, very, very many distributed energy sources, we already have distributed energy consumption that something is missing in between

00:06:46: is distributed intelligent and networked energy storage and we have been working for three years on designing both the corresponding software networking and the corresponding hardware.

00:06:58: Then the last question who should contact you, who is allowed to contact you and how do you do that.

00:07:03: So I'm very happy about any kind of request from both the

00:07:08: Startup world corporate academics that's all my topic Christoph. Striker at pwc.com or you just googled me there I am definitely to be found.

00:07:19: Let Christoph you then I thank you and yes, good luck with your own Stahler, especially that I find very exciting, thank you, see you soon.

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00:07:43: Yes, that was Christoph Stürmer from PwC and I already mentioned the BBC is kind enough to support this podcast and actually next level.

00:07:52: PPC PC's startup initiative itself is Germany's leading auditing and consulting company.

00:07:57: Particularly interesting for startups because 150 experts are available to help from the sees stage to the exit

00:08:04: if you are interested, please have a look at pwc.de Slash Startups there you will find all further information.

00:08:15: Yes, we come to our next guest, I welcome again Janina Mütze from Civey

00:08:19: she brought back some survey results so we also want to show the facts and not just provide opinions and that's why it's great that you're back with us Hello Janina.

00:08:28: Well, we talked to each other again that was very fascinating what she has collected on the data now we have this broadcast on the topic of mobility and you have also collected exciting data again, among other things through with.

00:08:37: Spiegel and in the Tagesspiegel maybe before we can get in anyway for the people who have not heard the last episode who briefly introduce it again,

00:08:43: yes I like to do it so my name is Janina Mütze, I'm one of the guys

00:08:47: Founder and managing director of the company Civey Civey is probably still a STARTUP based in Berlin are now five years old and the area of ​​market research is active and special with us is the survey around the clock representative and

00:09:03: This means that real-time data is thickened for our customers and also comes down to target groups in very small pieces.

00:09:10: Well now your customers have only read and asked what their biggest problems were the corona pandemic

00:09:17: That was relatively more exciting to see the importance of mobility there, maybe you can do it sometime.

00:09:22: Yes, that's exactly what I think is a nice example again where it shows that it sometimes makes sense to continuously raise, especially in such turbulent times, we have the people in Germany representative.

00:09:34: Continuously over the last few months since mid-March

00:09:37: What are your biggest problems during the Corona Pfand and of course there have been a lot of changes so every day as the crisis was well managed in Germany, the fear of infection is healthy

00:09:50: For example, with regard to mobility, I find it very exciting to see the problem of the lack of freedom of movement always 1 of the top 3 problems was,

00:10:00: with the fear of infection and the problem of social isolation, IV freedom of movement was always at the forefront and I think that is what we then always take a detailed look at how people feel in the factory during the Corona pandemic.

00:10:14: Pretty good.

00:10:15: Kiefer can also clarify the whole debate on the subject of local public transport in the role, so people were afraid to use public transport or how do you see it

00:10:25: yes, there are actually significant differences to the for Corona time, around two thirds of the time

00:10:31: state that they have been using less public transport since the outbreak of the corona pandemic and that is of course a massive number, we see that people in the big cities are also switching to bicycles, which we also see in the flat countryside, but especially in the ur Baden region

00:10:49: Behavior course or stunt with the bike are used and with regard to public transport, I find it very exciting we have

00:10:56: But people asked if they would like a limit on the number of passengers or something like that and in fact every third person would welcome tickets for certain time slots.

00:11:08: So in rush hour they make sure that not too many people are on the subway or on the tram at the same time

00:11:14: You also talked about the bike at some point, you also raised a very interesting question on the subject of car scrapping premiums and whether it shouldn't be better to subsidize the purchase of more environmentally friendly alternatives, you can repeat that

00:11:26: yes, that is actually a very interesting topic, we have already asked people in German whether instead of a car scrapping bonus, for example, a mobility bonus should be introduced for the purchase of bicycles, train subscriptions or environmentally friendly cars and

00:11:41: Despite all the love for our own car that we have in Germany that is really still unbroken, we see that I say a majority of 56% in favor

00:11:52: yes, that's exactly what he is about to introduce such a mobility transition, for example through these mobility premiums

00:12:00: that I find it totally exciting afterwards is always the question of how mobility in the inner cities will actually look more like perspective ne and you also asked about car-free zones

00:12:10: Does that contradict the other questions or is it grateful to you? There is a clear trend that people actually want some cars in the city

00:12:16: I've seen that every second car-free zone in the center of big cities would like to see it again, I don't think so

00:12:25: Cities on the fact that the Deutsche Nachrichten prefer to use their own car and of course car sharing is not a fully-fledged alternative here.

00:12:34: Let me be noticed in front of your door now, I believe that the last few months of the climate discussion and the protest in the area of ​​about a certain openness has increased to design mobility Modula and to combine different means of transport

00:12:52: and especially in the big German cities there is of course a good range of public transport or the possibility to move shorter distances on the bike.

00:13:02: Great Janina, he works all these studies of yours graphically very, very nicely where you can find something if you want to see you in black and white or or blue red on white

00:13:13: Many of the surveys that I have just done have been published openly, for example when the last issue of Spiegel or Tagesspiegel is where you can find the beds

00:13:28: someone who is also interested in details is welcome through our website

00:13:33: at the top where some of these topics are also featured, so we W. Civey Dotcom or just like to contact me personally.

00:13:40: Janina then I thank you again that was very informative and we'll hear from you again soon, I hope.

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00:14:01: Yes, that was Janina Mütze from Silvia and I'm happy about our next guest.

00:14:05: Doctor Jens Wohltorf is with us, he is Co-Founder & CEO of Blacklane hello Jens great that you're here hello Jan thank you very much for the invitation I'm very happy that you are here Jens to take the time.

00:14:15: Maybe before we get in, introduce a few words for you, briefly and also for ten, what Blacklane likes to do, so my name is Jens Jens Wohltorf.

00:14:24: I'm one of the two founders of Blacklane, we launched the entire Frank Steuer and I at the end of 2011.

00:14:32: What is a ground transportation company always a bit more upscale, more upscale premium segment, especially on business trips.

00:14:43: Aligned a lot with train traffic and the Blackline has started to close the first and last church on a global level, so in the best case we will get ours.

00:14:54: Take passenger L to his own front door and take him to the first airport, then this passenger flies them in.

00:14:59: You want to be like her or your meetings in the world there we pick up the people and then all the way back so that we are available in over 70 countries in the world and internationally.

00:15:13: And indeed, also very internationally on the way, also sales since I Germany does not play a very big role for us but the largest single market for us is actually the USA

00:15:23: We were born in Berlin and of course have grown up now and offices and teams all over the world are a total of 400 people.

00:15:31: I picked up my ears again, but Carsten Maschmeyer, I think it was in the Handelsblatt podcast.

00:15:35: Well, I have to tell you that of course the crisis hit you relatively badly, simply because you are attached to air travel and I thought it was probably really exciting what you have to say

00:15:44: on top of that there is the point that I know that most people are a bit cautious when they get into the taxi or in your chauffeur, maybe you can briefly outline how the crisis caught you Has

00:15:55: yes, I like to drive a little further back so we ended 2019 very, very successfully.

00:16:01: Whenever again 50-60 65% growth over 20 18 could even reduce our music costs during the growth.

00:16:11: We were still traveling very, very solidly, we had just won the largest single contract in our history and prepared it to listen to at the beginning of April and then of course this topic came up to us.

00:16:21: Corona torn from the inside from the feet and the deed.

00:16:25: If you are a travel player then you are already in the front row if you are so strongly connected to business travel by air as we are, which is our bread and butter business Airport transfer.

00:16:39: Then it doesn't get any worse, yes, our turnover is the baby of they already noticed in February that you also have business in Asia Asia.

00:16:48: Start slowly but everyone still had hope that it was a Dunbar.

00:16:52: Well, from mid-March onwards, I broke the global dams because within four weeks from mid-March to mid-April we almost lost all of our sales.

00:17:02: And we're coming from a level where we've made over ten million a month.

00:17:07: There is no such thing as a picture book development in advance and then there is Corona and suddenly something like that breaks down.

00:17:15: Can you ever tell me that you took a lot of learnings with you, Nadia can now more or less pass it on to you, probably these are

00:17:22: Management learnings or what are your small, most important observation it takes it goes through the whole organization, management learnings but also directly in the individual subject areas, including how to deal with partners, how to deal with Pac-Man is treated and so

00:17:36: It's also about professionally and privately that I think everyone who lives and and and acts at this time is full but then nobody has ever experienced something like that before.

00:17:46: On our business model.

00:17:49: Aligned, I have to say that is, I think it was very, very important and we have already seen that outside but outside as well, as the other company did that we,

00:17:58: We had to act quickly so it was actually especially the one that interferes with the protection of our protection of people at this point in time were very first in the first place and they are too.

00:18:10: Of course the blackliners and the 400 colleagues around the world that I just mentioned.

00:18:15: Some then had to organize all of them worldwide in home office within a few days

00:18:22: we are, too, we are not only very technical, let yourself be very service, so we also have a large customer service area and it is precisely this area that is highly technological in the sense of infrastructure hardwear.

00:18:34: Yes, it was an effort to get the home office again but of course our responsibility also goes on to pass on 10,000 chauffeurs out there under our flag, not as Blacklane employees but as employees of the chauffeur companies affiliated with us,

00:18:48: work for us and with us and we are just as worthy of protection and there, too, we would have to quickly see how we are loading them from the line of fire next to the next and nothing last but not least are our passengers yes and

00:19:01: it has to be protected so that we can quickly establish communication chains and and contact.

00:19:07: We could build beds if someone informed us about a chauffeur or one.

00:19:12: Passenger that he was tested positive, for example, then we were able to understand very well who had contact from the Blacklane network in the last 12 weeks and act accordingly on this topic protect.

00:19:26: Contacts people empty and then of course it's also about the fact that we have to protect our business and then our sales collapse by 99% overnight.

00:19:36: Then you can't just close your eyes to it and continue like that and of course then I saw to it that we were able to slow down as much as possible on the cost side.

00:19:46: Um but with a single one, I'll say a single holy cow and that will be proud of it for ten years that we have handled it that way, we did not want to lose a single employee because we did it which our employees feel very committed to.

00:20:01: And thanks to the various.

00:20:04: With package tools, support outside and the willingness of our employees themselves, we managed to save half of our base 1 fixed costs within a very short time.

00:20:16: And the variable costs have disappeared anyway because the business was only now on the ground, yes.

00:20:22: And last but not least and that is more of a belly whose long-term, long-term, of course, you realize at such a moment that you are very dependent on a customer segment and a product, namely this airport transfer.

00:20:33: And that can go well with me for a while because it has been good for many years with us and has grown a lot, but it's also an Achilles' heel for the business in such moments so that we can do it too.

00:20:45: Diversify, we have to develop further products and it's nice to see how the team pull together in this difficult phase and become more productive than ever.

00:20:55: Maybe then even on short-time working you can only invest half the time, but what comes out is twice as much.

00:21:03: These are insane insanely valuable experiences observations that you have been able to make in the last few weeks.

00:21:12: Below and now, fortunately since mid-April, things are slowly going up again. We see that business travel traffic is picking up again, that flight transfers are increasing again.

00:21:23: Down and simmann Kandel we can hope and work that this trend will continue.

00:21:29: Yes, I think you seem very composed, so you can tell that you have come to terms with the situation or maybe even have your feeling under control by now.

00:21:38: How do you look ahead, so if you think about air traffic, it probably will.

00:21:43: It takes a relatively long time for it to really normalize completely, but if it is normalized again at all, it is normal ne question that it is time to travel, I think everywhere? On it.

00:21:52: Business travel there you just notice that you can do a lot digitally, so maybe the market is even declining, knowing that your perspective on this corridor or business model

00:22:01: yes, I'm happy that I look like that Jan but be sure that he can also deceive appearances so that's just 3 months we are in combat mode and it is a permanent up and down.

00:22:13: It's incredibly heavy and pulls the substance of each and every one of us and and

00:22:20: I'm actually looking forward to when I can turn my back on the home office and do a certain normality with office corridors and also travel again, so it's actually difficult, yes, as well as I may sound it is in battle.

00:22:36: Something to the man 10 years

00:22:38: Erhart has worked and and and and and all the more beautiful it is now to see that everyone is pulling on this strand together

00:22:48: and you can apparently get through such a serious crisis very well, very well

00:22:53: how will it go on as we see this delicate plant travel business back again, what we expect is that.

00:23:02: Dessert by the end of next year so belts 21 won't even come back to the level of the one we came from.

00:23:10: Has now no influence on our sales expectation is again on a different paper but the business trip is wrong that is at all will be impaired and.

00:23:20: How many have found that remote works a lot better than you expected, they are still a long way off.

00:23:28: From a successful vaccination or im or efficient treatment of covid-19 so that we.

00:23:38: So that we still have many, many more months if I suggest we have another one an abnormality, it won't be as normal as it used to be, but will come back.

00:23:47: In the greatest orders of the past, what we see will be found again and that is also presented again from the business from Asia is that cities are the first to come back and thus awaken inner-city mobility

00:24:01: there isn't the mother's courage, maybe not the regulatory possibilities that the population can travel again,

00:24:09: or even travel far but first you say something to yourself in front of the front door, speaks there, sits there, then you find it on Blacklane, it converts to inner-city.

00:24:20: Transfer will be relevant for us to drive from A to B in a city.

00:24:24: We also have to improve our product because we also have to be able to offer a good price-performance ratio.

00:24:33: Um, to be able to play successfully in this space in this space.

00:24:37: II what happened domestic travel a little further then but not yet overlooked not yet intercontinental not yet the long distances away from home.

00:24:48: The uncertainty is just too strong for that what happens when the second wave comes and I should be stranded somewhere in the far distance that you want that if you don't currently.

00:24:58: And it doesn't even have to be the plane anymore, maybe not the train and we have the expectation that the Blacklane product will be a very interesting one for them.

00:25:12: You travel like that from one city to the other, now we are here in Berlin e.g. Berlin Hamburg or Munich Zurich or New York Philadelphia or.

00:25:20: Shazam Hong Kong and all of these longer, longer, longer, longer distances

00:25:28: that will not necessarily take place with mass transport, as in the past, but that applies as we see them

00:25:35: Need for hygienic clean controlled.

00:25:39: Travel conditions are increasing and Cem and the Blacklane start are thankfully in very good product market fit.

00:25:45: Under the third stage that will then be declared as being climbed again, the international transfer will then be the international travel.

00:25:54: Traffic.

00:25:56: Overseas long haul as we know it from before but that will really take the longest and that is how he kept the old Blacklane bread and butter business so that's why it's not even a matter of debate,

00:26:06: that of course we also have to develop further as a brand the closest people, only that he is probably the top 10,000 or the top managers

00:26:16: can you bezikofer outline my mouthful bite and what I was wondering how you acquired them and has this acquisition process changed during the crisis or are there perhaps even other processes that have changed for you through the crisis

00:26:26: Well, you always think of its parentes because we of course also describe ourselves as Chauffeur Service. Chauffeur sounds like fire and it used to be, but that was exactly the reason why black didn't start 14 years ago.

00:26:37: This high quality, high quality.

00:26:42: Actually democratizing the area a bit, how nicely we said that back then, so actually too.

00:26:48: To make it affordable and to be able to offer a really good price-performance ratio through better utilization of the industry.

00:26:55: And in the end, we also managed to ensure that you are in the city to the airport with solid distances in the city of London or in a Paris with with solid inside.

00:27:06: He was traveling below the taxi price although the service level was so much higher and really.

00:27:12: A really clean and highly professional service could be offered at such a price.

00:27:18: At that time we established ourselves as a partner to the business travel industry, but not the upper 10,000, but classically that.

00:27:31: The frequent flyer doesn't even have to be a bit of an S-class flyer is of course in many cases the business-class flyer.

00:27:38: Many, of course, also professional services, i.e. the advisory board, the consultations, the law firms and that sort of thing, these are often our customers.

00:27:48: And this business is this, this customer, this frequency flyer, the.

00:27:52: It's not so annoying anymore, but is still an interested Blacklane customer because he might be taking Blacklane as a short-haul flight instead of a short-haul flight in the future, yes we already have many.

00:28:04: The 456 100km transferre that we carry out in Europe or in the USA for many hours in the Blacklane limousine.

00:28:12: Our average our average distance has more than doubled before Coronavirus after Corona our journey more so you can clearly see from the data that the demand is developing in this direction.

00:28:23: And of course we have to think about acquisition because the use case changes if the use case changes we would probably find customers elsewhere.

00:28:31: And he's experimenting with it right now, but it's also an interesting observation that air travel is slowly coming back and we can see that the few planes that are leaving now.

00:28:42: That they are often not fully utilized but the business class is full.

00:28:47: And that is actually a good indicator that the health and cleanliness and also the social distance are important to the people who are willing to pay a little more to encourage them, but they are actually safe to get from A to B.

00:29:02: Very exciting, I had one more thought and although you also had a really remarkable cap table you really liked it, you can say something about a restaurant yourself, but what I asked myself about such large companies as e.g. I think your Nadia or you are the majority shareholder

00:29:17: How does someone like that stand by your side in the crisis, so that's it then

00:29:22: easier or more difficult than that I say a normal VC now maybe in comparison with do I don't want that you are internal made of blue but that.

00:29:29: Just as fundamentally Wiwi Vienna as your investor behavior and you needed it at all.

00:29:37: So you're right, we do indeed have a very diverse cap table colorful bouquet of flowers from strategists.

00:29:44: German strategists foreign strategists Business Angel Family Offices mvcs

00:29:52: they are all different but have one thing in common they all have a very, very good set of values ​​that fit ours and we sometimes find ourselves in stormy times.

00:30:04: And we have now noticed that again or not again, I mean that time, so much storm has never seen him, but he was just in this phase.

00:30:12: It was a very, very good feeling to know that our shareholders are behind us and that they are indeed the largest single investor.

00:30:20: With the 30% stake in Blacklane.

00:30:23: And um, and Daimler makes no secret of the fact that black is a very important strategic asset for you.

00:30:31: And of course they support us to the best of their ability and the automotive industry has not been affected by the situation and I think they have a lot.

00:30:42: And we were also able to read, we also had a lot of our own problems and and and still have them with whom they have to take care of.

00:30:52: Well, sitting there in this crisis, I don't think any investor out there is somehow the fact that they loose the money and you can quickly seedfinancing a message.

00:31:00: Fortunately, wow Blackhand always organize a very, very cost-conscious, very cost-conscious company and we have managed very well with our resources.

00:31:12: I did my big round again at the end of 17 at the beginning of 18.

00:31:15: M&M and and have simply taken good Unity and a steadily reduced burn rage on the way to break-even so go through such a crisis with a solid, now not guaranteed, but solid feeling can.

00:31:30: And he still says fast forward you wanted you had announced your IPO, is it on hold for the time being or or what is your perspective.

00:31:39: I don't record on ice with me, it's more like you can imagine a parallel shift that would be, I think.

00:31:47: Wrong to assume that you will just continue as before, what what what, 23 years of preparation time.

00:31:54: Needed and if we now see that we are confronted with such nonsense, this one out of here is not exactly.

00:32:02: Powershape comes back moderately right away.

00:32:05: Because it is now a little longer we do not care to expect a recovery phase, you cannot just go on like this, then we are also harming ourselves and harming shareholder value.

00:32:15: No, I would say that is actually a phase of six months or a year that will be postponed in parallel.

00:32:22: Blätter has a very good chance of emerging from this crisis stronger than it did than when we went into it.

00:32:30: At low tide with such a if in such a situation you don't like to talk about winners of a crisis yes because that can't really be the case here after such a crisis there are no real profits but.

00:32:41: We will look good on you, we have a good chance of gaining market share from other people too. Joel Nathan Bronson we see our competitors on the left and right.

00:32:51: In fact, knead one that will give a wave of consolidation, maybe after that the that of the that of the particles is a bit smaller, but you can be a much larger fish in this pond.

00:33:03: And then exactly these are the opportunities we are currently working on.

00:33:07: Super Jens so very, very many thanks for reporting so openly and honestly how you were doing in the crisis, there is something from your side that you would like to add, or at least that would be from my side by.

00:33:18: No, of course I would recommend the phone to try Blacklane on your next trip.

00:33:25: Downstairs and then happy to give me feedback ne we look forward to getting better and better and then actually being a partner for many different consequences in the future.

00:33:39: Class Jens 44 Thank you yes and then toi toi toi for the next steps that it will definitely go up again quickly thank you soon for a minute then bye see you then bye.

00:33:49: Music.

00:34:00: Yes that was Jens Wohltorf from Blacklane and the next one I'll talk to Moritz Werner he is CEO of Tier Mobility Hello Moritz.

00:34:10: Moritz before we get in maybe a short rap from what's up here and what's your role here soon.

00:34:18: Here is a Micro Mobility company he set our goal mobility mobility confuses that means we want

00:34:25: Establish new mobility solutions in cities together with cities that are sustainable and thus contribute to the mobility transition and, more generally, to the sustainable development of the world,

00:34:36: my role is chief commercial officer, which basically means that I am responsible for all issues

00:34:42: em dealing with the customer Singing always the operations side puts the scooters and other vehicles loaded onto the streets makes them available and I feel that all the other stakeholders in me are customers but also cities mobility companies.

00:34:56: Um experienced the best possible experience with us

00:34:58: we are before Corona time was micro-mobility or especially the e-scooter was really hot shit that would go up the press and down now it's getting a little quiet in the corona time can you tell a little bit how you have experienced the Corona phase and what maybe apart from the problems or the challenge, maybe also the chance with those you can already see

00:35:15: very happy in principle very out of time for all Mobility Company's were certainly the most in the group

00:35:23: have been impaired, I say sometimes in the first few weeks up to 80% of the total mobility is now measured in terms of really after B because not with us but simply in general mobility

00:35:35: almost seen through cell phone data and every mobility company you have to deal with it while doing it in such a way that we asked ourselves can we ensure security for customers, can we ensure security for employees

00:35:46: You then made the decision to stay outside, of course we have stronger lockdowns during the larger lockdown

00:35:52: We saw strong losses but we could also observe that more and more users have used an extension at other times and at other times, we mean in the relationship that as a slight reorientation

00:36:05: Added scooters as individual mobility, replacing some parcel transport, some cars or other thickening agents.

00:36:15: And now slowly, when we look at our creditworthiness development, we are looking at the numbers in most of the cities and most regions in which we are traveling between 40 and 50% but rapidly increasing

00:36:29: Ways of the people the movement patterns of the people are becoming more intense again and more stagecoaches are being addressed I was wondering how it was with you at times

00:36:37: Which is right now after corona time in relation to local public transport because probably many people just don't feel like using public transport

00:36:44: Are you the most welcome alternative and do you see that people use you differently than before or is it just the same as before?

00:36:51: as we fundamentally see ourselves as not the alternative but rather the addition that we believe are good good mobility from now on in the classic kickscooter business for the first and last mile

00:37:01: we believe that sustainable mobility can only happen with Papi Transport there is no scenario where we could cover all journeys in the short term that means that we always have to work together,

00:37:12: now temporarily there will probably have been people who got out of a subway and an S-Bahn.

00:37:17: He's out and you jumped on your own bike and you tell me the whole bike trend or just on one of our kickscooters or on 1 in the room mopeds.

00:37:26: What does it mean, such a small little pen with secures has taken place to add individual mobility

00:37:31: I think the company also appreciates it that more and more we are returning to a normal behavior pattern when people have shed a little bit of shyness and even if the whole thing

00:37:41: The situation has really relaxed measurably, it must have just addressed mopeds that maybe an exciting side question again

00:37:48: You have taken over the whole fleet from Coop from that of the Bosch offshoot Coop that you can definitely say 5000 or, if you know correctly, that the topic is well received or that it is too early to say hold true.

00:38:02: Definitely make a first statement so it is very well received in several dimensions, we have many customers that we did not have before and now,

00:38:12: A few seconds are because they are chatting the forms of mobility with a Vespa.We also see that there are many TIER customers who previously drove the kickscooter are also adopting new forms of mobility, i.e. write the day that are actually exploding now the last few weeks

00:38:28: a very positive development what we believe is that will level off is we want a mobility company that is mobility.

00:38:37: Lived in different forms yes I sometimes make very short trips I sometimes make my feeder barrel,

00:38:42: Sun travels to neighbors and sometimes I think a whole way to work that is somehow five to ten kilometers and then just another form of mobility is required and you could e.g. the moped.

00:38:54: Um, the best answer would be a lot of commute traffic on our mopeds and we can also see the traffic on the scooters from me now, but scooters are also perceived that way

00:39:03: Drive to lunch in the middle of the day or drive to the beautiful place where you can somehow get them an ice cream

00:39:12: we believe in it you have to make the customer independent that our big goal is to make gasoline somehow from your own car.

00:39:21: We have to offer subsidized cars in Serkan that customers want mobility in all of them

00:39:28: Offering a good alternative and that is our mission, which means that we will continue to expand our offerings through our own expansion and partnerships

00:39:38: in most of the cases in which you want to get from A to B you can consider TIER as a possible option only that means let's talk about,

00:39:45: Competitors speak of you who do you see is that the ownership of the car you are attacking is your primary target or the car itself or what is your enemy if you like.

00:39:56: Your picture on if not directly there are almost direct competitors now in the micro mobility industry that is the one thing that means in the beeline ever jump ever back, still wind in there.

00:40:09: And many others are almost direct competitors to this one

00:40:14: Market and business model kickscooter in the areas of mobility and also getting from A to B, so to speak, if you formulate your own task in this way, then the field of applicants expands

00:40:25: then, of course, talk about the other forms of mobility, also about cars, i.e. buying a car as something that we or

00:40:34: Want to win over an area or customers, yes and in the broadest sense you can even say that the task is customers

00:40:42: to get from A to B sustainably and comfortably then you can somehow even include the routing navigation company who also have the same goal, just not operating the fleet themselves

00:40:54: but all in all, we want the solution to bring customers from A to B sustainably and comfortably.

00:41:01: Now that you've just spoken to the competitors, you have an insight into how they got through the crisis in the press, but it went slightly worse for them.

00:41:13: Just has a few relief topics e.g. heard in the press but to be fair now I have to say the location in which the company is set. Permits are certainly different. Instruments we have also temporarily worked with short-time work and an instrument that exists in Germany, there are similar vehicles in some European countries

00:41:31: there is no comparable vehicle in countries like the USA e.g. that means that you are based for medida.

00:41:37: Couldn't fall back on something like that and then basically had these disadvantages

00:41:43: All in all, when I look at the press about funding rounds about Leos and other topics

00:41:49: look then I think we did our job quite well and we are keeping values.

00:41:54: Coming through the crisis relatively well in the last few days, it was communicated again that you, the serious Bieber I believe, have only topped up again and 20 million.

00:42:02: Is that also because you had less income or until you had to change models or your business plans or or was that foreseen anyway

00:42:10: So we haven't changed the business model or plan, of course there is a quantitative influence on our plan, which means we have

00:42:18: the fact that there is a lot less mobility, of course translated our plans, was necessary, the money was not the reason why we did it is very simple

00:42:28: An entrepreneur or team of entrepreneurs always wants to be careful that given the volatility of the market in all dimensions, I can fundraise if I have to.

00:42:37: If customer demand comes back as expected and so on, if the risk level is higher then of course you always want to have more cushions so that you can get into fewer problems what about

00:42:50: big competitor who makes some move and so on and so on that was almost our goal was very clear

00:42:57: another safety cushion to be able to get started again and to avoid possible future problems, gave the suit when it comes then I think I haven't researched that anymore I think you had a hunger crisis in the Orient Deko in advance you have

00:43:12: Help the Corona world offered that they can use your services for free I think ne,

00:43:16: exactly when the Tier Heroes program was launched, that means that everyone who has applied to us and has named his job has of course called the BA compliant

00:43:26: could come privately then a total of over 12,000 system-critical njobs, so to speak, we have helped in a total of over 1.3 million free minutes

00:43:36: give this man these important shorts and we are super proud of it and that underlines our wish that we work together with the cities

00:43:44: Want to improve mobility and if that means that you are in a crisis

00:43:47: then sometimes it makes less sales so that you get someone from A to B then that's okay for us that pays for the bigger mission a dear one and then maybe a question about the jump bikes from Uganda this one of these red ones Bicycles that stood around for a while

00:44:01: I didn't hear anything, they are being scrapped, there is a statement from Lawrence from your managing director.

00:44:06: That you might also take over there is already an update or no real update

00:44:11: the state of affairs is just as we saw it when we found out about the deal from the press that this is how I interpret the press in principle to be micro-mobility until it was handed over alone

00:44:24: We have made an offer because we know that line is not a big fan of the bicycle business even by self-assertion. If there is interest we would be very happy to take over parts of the fleet

00:44:35: the bike fleet and that was basically rejected and then there were really good reports in the bed in the pictures

00:44:43: About the partial it is certainly scrapping of bicycles

00:44:49: We thought it was a shame, we also took that as an opportunity and will now give even more thought to similarly thinking companies in the industry

00:44:58: and being able to give guidelines that we believe in and that we want to adhere to, whatever happens.

00:45:03: All about sustainability, recycling and topics in this dimension

00:45:08: and then again a basic question Moritz because we also want to try the world after Corona a little bit now the lights are you just seeing fundamental changes in the mobility world compared to before or

00:45:19: So if you're interested, what do you drive up again and assume that we will after that.

00:45:24: There will be no big change for you then I understand but you see overall change in the world of mobility due to Corona so short-term 100% that we have all seen,

00:45:34: in the medium term probably also I mean the other one still very much unpredictable with the further development now comes the fast pulse in the material

00:45:42: Here the problem is practically eliminated in those countries in a few months after such a vaccine.

00:45:49: Or if there is a second wave then we turn back in the other direction and then nobody can predict what would happen if I had to look into the crystal ball now, then I would say that we would in total over the period from three to six Months.

00:46:03: Zuna 90% return to the same mobility I think that I have changed a little something in my head, maybe even technically,

00:46:12: Teams have found out that remote work works, that bosses have seen that people can be productive from home

00:46:20: Private people and where business people have installed and learned tools with which one can work from home and so on and so forth and that there is probably a little less mobility and a little different mobility taking place,

00:46:35: the awakening my prediction but as I said with all the Asterix that is still quite a lot of unpredictability with the game.

00:46:44: Password from my side when we're through you have something else you want to get rid of or I think I did something.

00:46:52: I just hope I said exactly that the customers will remain loyal to us and that we will offer you more and more dimensions atolls as a sustainable alternative to mobility,

00:47:02: how you can offer life today and then we did the job great fashion and thank you very much to the team.

12:47:10: Thank you very much Tata.

00:47:12: Music.

00:47:24: Yes, that was Moritz Werner from Tier Mobility and I had already announced that there would be a small competition.

00:47:29: Moritz was so kind to give us 10 x 120 free minutes for Tier Mobility, which we raffle among all participants who leave a review on itunes for our podcast.

00:47:40: Whether good or bad, the main thing is honestly that the most important thing is, we look forward to your feedback and of course we would be happy if you help to publicize this podcast. Please send the screenshot to Podcast.

00:47:50: Startup dash insider.com and we look forward to you if you win one of these ten packages.

00:47:56: So that's it with the wind chimes, thank you in advance for participating and generally for recommending this podcast.

00:48:02: We come to our next guest is Hannah Boomgaarden, she is based in Stuttgart and is responsible for STARTUP AUTOBAHN and therefore of course has a very, very strong industrial connection.

00:48:12: I am very happy that you are here hello Hanna, thank you very much for the invitation, I am very happy to talk to you about mobility and discussing things with you for the next 10-15 minutes

00:48:22: You are my Stuttgart at Plug-and-Play and you have set up the STARTUP AUTOBAHN there with various partners

00:48:28: maybe you can talk a little hard about yourself and introduce yourself briefly, but also what I'm hiding behind the autobahn and plug-and-play

00:48:34: so happy Hanna Hanna Bungarten I'm with us see program manager at STARTUP Autobahn so I take care that the whole program structure works that all of our STARTUP are happy that we are in contact with the community, for example, with you

00:48:50: come to the big conferences and also take care that what we do,

00:48:54: Well, there is also good communication to the outside world. I've been doing this for three years now, but my background is actually media management and I was focused on innovation and a little bit.

00:49:07: His husband licked his blood from the whole start-up scene when I worked for nine months at a Starlight in Munich after my bachelor's degree and was then able to build up the covid in the industry strategy for a larger corporation.

00:49:22: I'd love to bring startup companies together now, actually.

00:49:26: Did you get the best out of both worlds, here it was on the Autobahn.

00:49:33: And what STARTUP AUTOBAHN is, we call ourselves an innovation platform

00:49:38: STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug-and-Play Plug & Play is one of the neutral moderators.

00:49:44: Between the whole arm, we started partners in 2016 with Daimler Plug-and-Play University of Stuttgart and arena2036 said at the time, okay, we'll do it as yet

00:49:55: open platform, this open innovation simply because the

00:49:59: the best star that comes out of this world might not only come to Stuttgart for a corporation but if we Daimler take Porschen BSF.

00:50:08: BP and so on, urgently bring together the hottest Stardust from Australia from Tel Aviv.

00:50:16: From Berlin you always need to come to us in Stuttgart and bring those with the little Zionist together with our partners so that they can work together on mobility issues, production issues.

00:50:26: Oh, working on sustainability issues and then implementing that in the products services and processes in the long term.

00:50:33: What do my nutshell say if you told me in advance you then have different programs that you run over and over again there is now a program 8. Didn't understand but you are already looking for the STARTUP for the 9 o'clock program

00:50:43: Can you tell a little bit about the search fields or the participants in program 8 and what they expect from you and what you expect from them and maybe also what I might have changed a bit about the search fields now maybe due to Corona

00:50:55: for the one for the program number 9,

00:50:58: Stephansberg doesn't really have a topic in which the start-ups are, it's always about what is currently being searched for by our partners and what their business unit is.

00:51:09: And we have very different topics. The last program gave me a lot

00:51:14: Projects in the sustainability area or in this entire circular economy area that were very, very important for the whole company and that has also been included in this program

00:51:24: transmitted in the middle of the program then started with Corona

00:51:29: why the search fields have changed a bit now and what I can observe very, very exciting for something.

00:51:36: At the beginning it was clear when all these future of workplace topics were very, very exciting so everyone was in the home office how can you manage it but now you can also see that

00:51:45: straight areas the car production that it is important that the people who

00:51:50: Buying a car, feeling safe, all the whole subject of hygiene Disinfection is super exciting, but also the whole sale of a car

00:51:59: do you really have to go to a car dealership or can you do it digitally, so this whole user experience of looking at that someone can even do digital sales with someone like that

00:52:09: Product like a car, which is also very, very emotional and also cost tables, these are topics that we are concerned with,

00:52:17: but also so well being Community Team what all the partners find exciting to watch.

00:52:25: If you were talking about the topic of cost-cutting but also emphasized at the same time, it's not about firing employees, but rather and production topics

00:52:33: That is also a nice topic, of course, so small production also creates waste again that is also looked at beforehand okay how can you e.g. All this material consumption can be reduced how can you perhaps also use it

00:52:47: Garbage, maybe even car parts, make a difference.

00:52:51: Alice whole ca jug with topic yes that is looked at but then also production security a lot of topics, especially when fewer people are involved in production.

00:53:01: regulate the distance that is currently being watched but also before that which is also very, very nice if you simply don't have any waste of material.

00:53:10: Or processes simply run faster.

00:53:12: Well, you are sort of a network of Korb März and it smells understand it is part of the automotive sector. You also didn't mention BASF, but can you describe the automotive sector a little bit?

00:53:25: whose vision of the mobility of the future there is something so you will have a feel for it like the one,

00:53:30: how they have set up and so then you can also see a bit from the search field but that you have just mentioned digital selling something that is actually more of a meta topic.

00:53:39: It's a big topic and that has not changed with e-mobility.

00:53:44: That's a very big topic at the car manufacturer, because a lot of all these sustainability topics are of course at the topic of share

00:53:56: how can I have a possibility to be in this area so there is also me now with your mercedesservicecard ago what is now tied together with this schernau.

00:54:06: Construct clearly these are visions, but what I have just noticed now through this whole corona issue

00:54:14: Is this my own car but how do I feel safest what kind of service I can still offer around my own car and I think a lot will develop there now.

00:54:27: And it has a lot to do with digitization, which I think is being accelerated a lot right now.

00:54:35: I think that it will change a lot, a lot, warm for us as consumers too.

00:54:40: I would go back to the topic of car ownership is still a conviction of the automobile manufacturers one is now one does not assume that the autonomous vehicles, be they electric or not,

00:54:52: the one principle

00:54:53: But no longer carry passengers in their own possession in that I did not look at you and I worked on it again on the map aunt autonomously striving all the topics that maybe a little bit now.

00:55:04: Micha, I don't say that happened today, that's not true, so you're still working on it, but I think the focus right now is when I own a car.

00:55:12: Not feeling good is a car, but especially if you are going to Sharon the whole subject of hygiene.

00:55:19: Is therefore also super important and I have now also developed a very cool doctor sensor from one of our partners if you can record public transport for two weeks

00:55:29: who just takes care that there are no particles in the air

00:55:32: or stand still and I think that's a very, very exciting development I don't think I had that much on the screen before.

00:55:39: And now it has become much, much more relevant.

00:55:43: You have just given the keyword pause you have added a relaxed number because I had heard from a lot of people that actually the corpos and medium-sized companies

00:55:51: Now, through the Corona phase, we were actually concerned with ourselves for the first time and moved the topic of innovations instead of two.

00:55:57: Do you see that too, so you can confirm that for the company you work or have been there so they said innovations are important and anyway.

00:56:05: It actually goes on as before, very, very good, I don't get bored or is that not good and a lot of people are watched from the city and the projects are all running again I think there was a short break

00:56:18: simply through short-time work that's not a secret, I think every major group, especially in production, is smart

00:56:27: Short-time work for a short time and two that means there was my short break.

00:56:34: Inquiries that at least each of the partners is still active on topics and,

00:56:43: Also all the projects that were paused for a short time because he has to sort himself out first, I get it, that we all are up and running again and I think it's very, very cool to see that.

00:56:56: And innovation is an important topic and that many of the companies

00:57:02: I didn't write it back, so just deleted it because they say Kay is the money has to go somewhere else because at some point in the long term you will need the topics yes.

00:57:09: And otherwise there are some other companies, maybe from abroad, that run over there again.

00:57:16: What does pressure to innovate is already there and you believe that you are on the right horse as a percentage of the generation

00:57:27: As I said, employees have to delete, but simply to become more efficient and use materials better, that also helps in the end and then to find new fields of knowledge also helps in the long term

00:57:41: and I think unnecessary projects that may exist.

00:57:47: You can always define bionatic yourself, I think things were just paused for a moment.

00:57:53: But everything that is relevant, I have the feeling that the companies have already noticed that they have to stay tuned.

00:58:00: And now with the 9 o'clock program, if you say you are looking for international STARTUP they will come to you in Stuttgart.

00:58:07: Do you assume that the feet can be on site despite travel restrictions or do you do it digitally.

00:58:16: It would be so nice to sit in the car with me all the time because of course there is always a nice view, so the two three men come here for the kickoff

00:58:24: and here in the nation there is a lot of fire on Expo Day

00:58:29: Projects are running in production that is what you mean by coming to Stuttgart, we have the whole business unit here and that's the thing when you have a product that my production has to test,

00:58:40: and you are not allowed to travel from America to Europe or Germany, you just can't test it and.

00:58:49: That's why it's a bit difficult with the distance and the travel restrictions,

00:58:55: but in the 9 o'clock program there are many of the topics that I have just addressed in digital sales and so you can also test everything digitally.

00:59:04: And then say again with plug-and-play you are based in Berlin, if I understand you are there

00:59:12: You get a glimpse of how the valley is doing right now, so you get a sense of it, so here the bad news is more likely to get through, but you have a bit of a feel for it.

00:59:22: Believe me, plug-and-play, we sit there as a lawyer in silicone Valley, but Vivian Stuttgart also have something open with other partners in a thematic field, then globally in Silicon Valley, they are also investors as plug & play our second page right now

00:59:37: even in the best moderate salad, every investor Anko has to start with his own portfolio.

00:59:43: Concentrated and not holding on to anything else because that invests that means many startups that were now Indira at the front and so she has already hit.

00:59:53: Because no one had any money at the moment, it's easy to make the mood good everyone is at home America has a completely different health system than we have

01:00:06: poor but I think so in white it is very spacious it is a different mood we e.g. was in New York.

01:00:13: Okay, I find you great, very interesting

01:00:16: at the end you would like to briefly say the stars you are looking for, so if someone overhears who knows someone or who is himself in STARTUP, they could only briefly characterize a few wheels looking for a program number 9

01:00:27: I would love to do everything in the area of ​​sensor sensors in production, which can increase safety, but also sensors in the car so that I can just do that

01:00:39: the customer probably for that means I can then be about bees, heart hygiene topics that are super exciting but also everything that made total sales.

01:00:51: Traveling is very, very easy

01:00:54: yes, but look for me on LinkedIn write to me overall if you have a cool idea you think the Daimler Porsche parasites tinkered around the world are happy to just write.

01:01:07: And you do it means as an example because that doesn't necessarily mean the entire process but maybe just excerpts from it or Peyman e.g. something well or or you need the whole solution.

01:01:17: If you like the whole solution, of course, most of the time it's about the sub-projects

01:01:23: Johanna then I thank you that was very, very informative, thank you very much for the exciting insights and then yes toi toi toi for the new things for the program, yes, everything is going as you wish and that we all get through Gerona safely.

01:01:35: See you soon, thank you very much for the invitation and I'm looking forward to hearing the podcast.

01:01:42: Music.

01:01:54: Yes, that was Hanna Boomgarden from STARTUP AUTOBAHN and I already told her earlier that we have a colorful bouquet of participants today, we now had start-ups twice, we now had industry once

01:02:03: What is missing is the investor and that's why I'm very happy that Benjamin Erhard is a proven mobility expert for entrepreneurship in Munich-Essen.

01:02:11: Benjamin, it's great that you're here hello hello thank you very much, I'm very happy.

01:02:17: Before I or before we get on the whole topic please introduce yourself and also sometimes entrepreneurship or inventory kapelan of entrepreneurship for which you work,

01:02:26: I am one of the partners of Entrepreneurship venture capital Entrepreneurship Venture Capital is an independent.

01:02:34: Technology early phase fund we are based in Garching on the campus of the Technical University of Munich and invest in startups in the areas of beat beat technologies enterprise software and mobility.

01:02:47: The peculiarity is that on the one hand there is an independent investment between € 500,000 and € 3 million in the first step.

01:02:57: On the other hand, entrepreneurship is very closely involved in decosystems.

01:03:04: The start-up center of the Technical University of Munich is the largest start-up center in Europe with over 200.

01:03:10: 40 employees take care of the entrepreneurial training of student projects up to the Prix eypio training of the Deutsche Börse,

01:03:18: The entrepreneurship has business relationships too.

01:03:23: Most industrial companies in Germany and is also a central point of contact for companies

01:03:31: mobility Beachclub mobility is also part of entrepreneurship

01:03:35: In the preliminary discussion, we always went through your portfolio a bit, there are quite a lot of exciting mobility companies in it, we'll go into that right away,

01:03:43: but just as exciting is the one that is not in it and that was created in your house anyway, maybe you can talk about them first because you have the feeling that you are united in the future and that is yes is very much.

01:03:53: Special position actually, I have to say.

01:03:56: Like to say into the future and is also here in the house if you have approached the company.

01:04:04: Entrepreneurs have context but are not in the UVC portfolio and think prominent examples are Lilium I believe it

01:04:12: Taxi is known to be great investors the first prototypes were built here on the ground floor, our offices are on the ground floor is the makerspace that is

01:04:23: I'll say the biggest fitness studio for developers, inventors, founders and engineers, fully equipped workshop that uses the principle of every manufacturing process to build prototypes

01:04:36: and the environment in which

01:04:39: People who want to change and influence the future actually want to be able to take decisive steps forward that they come here limit and resources

01:04:48: Another example is to be able to just get started

01:04:51: the hyperloop troop from the university group was that the guys who send masks through the tunnel very quickly have electric sleds there in the student challenge,

01:05:06: yes Gibbons give this website challenge

01:05:09: 1000 there is this hyperloop in front of them and I think there is actually one that covers the spirit it is about simply implementing things and accompanying change.

01:05:23: Mentally strong and then it will probably arise almost as if by itself, it will probably then also happen the next few investments with your vehicle.

01:05:33: Perhaps there is a brief overview of the whole, but of course also primarily on the investment focus mobility.

01:05:42: Glad MVC is already

01:05:45: very long micromobility committed ready from the first before the has the volume of 25 million euros with us VCM together with Holtzbrinck I institutional I flixbus.

01:05:59: Dobby another 30 friends very, very great company, simply fantastic founders and great co-investors.

01:06:08: Furthermore, we are generally invested in the services sectors, we are invested in mobility in the products sector, so we also invest in hair that you would like the business models in and, of course, enterprise software.

01:06:23: Those in Mobility England what are there companies that you may also know vimcar is an investment making fleet solutions.

01:06:34: The dance styles books are invested in the Disney box.

01:06:38: If a PSA was then sold, there is a meter app for ride-sharing, they are always investors for everything is e-bike drive company and on the enterprise side also in twice battery management.

01:06:54: Um battery analytics solutions where accompanies us, mobility 1 through the complete investment strategy are in different colors are certified and often simply have the journey from

01:07:06: The development of talents from the very early stages of the company up to startups with several hundred employees has often been successfully supported.

01:07:16: Tuesday now we had, due to Gerona, in Germany, so internationally it is still going on in some cases, but in Germany I now have a phase of non-mobility.

01:07:25: Which business models caught his eye the most from your portfolio or maybe other mobility areas that you saw where you Sasori really had a hard time during the crisis.

01:07:37: Well, with our portfolio, I think Michael can be assigned to six to eight companies in the mobility sector.

01:07:46: We had high exposure and March was a natural month for us as an investor.

01:07:54: Unprecedented uncertainty that is clearly looking back is

01:08:00: write me one of the range of defects that you saw there I think it's no secret that at flixbus, for example, de facto all buses have stopped, it was also clear in the newspaper

01:08:13: Lockdown means lockdown and there is no operation in the bus network.

01:08:18: Team development catarrhs ​​done an incredible job and is now back in the final phase, but you can experience how such a large company goes down at such high speed as a shareholder, of course.

01:08:33: Something that you don't do every day was not intuitive, but you actually find the effects in companies with other business models, for example car is a car subscription.

01:08:46: Do this with a very low hearing

01:08:49: Provides vehicles for private use so I can buy a car via Amazon Anderson in the app. Important supplies do not have to worry about registrations, insurance or anything else and of course.

01:09:02: What changes does Corona change the demand for individual mobility quickly and unbureaucratically very suitable sales channel attractive price model he is simply surprised to see that it

01:09:13: very stable or generally the same on your positive effects of the business of LH I think that is also no too intuitive.

01:09:22: That is how one sees e-bikes & bicycles differently, the e-bike is no longer the fashion instrument for him or the bicycle that somehow does not have enough strength in its legs,

01:09:34: but just a valid means of transport, especially in the subway, or,

01:09:38: The sleeping area has become a workplace and the desperate company is very excited and positioned so that here too.

01:09:48: Just differentiation had to take place and look closely what the effects are hindering an Erich supply chain or pulling the demand on me,

01:09:59: and we had seen everything and I think that's the exciting thing about the mobility sector.

01:10:06: All companies that are active there suffer from reduced mobility on the one hand

01:10:11: but also benefit from Schleuniger Transformation and Bus Transformation everywhere is good for start-ups and innovative companies, so we are very optimistic about that right now.

01:10:22: How is it with you when you are one of those people who are very active as you can see.

01:10:27: Do you have investment theses and so on the area of ​​mobility in the area of ​​locomotion in the future and have they changed to maybe in the last three months as if you had questioned and readjusted things.

01:10:39: Well, the changes that I believe are the obvious changes have not remained hidden from us, that is

01:10:48: reduced business mobility Companies also have a much stronger focus on sustainability.

01:10:55: And the main investment thesis about the main denominator on which to pay attention is really the topic I accelerate as a company as a data peine.

01:11:06: Transformation to a mobility budget for also as meaningful and sustainable or,

01:11:12: I'm not part of this transformation office of accelerated change and our main thesis is that you want to invest in topics or are invested in them.

01:11:24: In the end, accelerating the change to sustainable mobility would be to believe that Otamendi would also be the successful model in the long term.

01:11:32: The example would still work twice in the company in battery analytics, I think before Corona everyone can still remember that very well.

01:11:44: Everything looked a bit at Tesla and everything is going very slowly and why is this not going ahead and

01:11:50: here in the Post Corona world, too, it is very clear that was the case with everything that was the conductor of battery-electric products.

01:11:59: Seeing and experiencing massive acceleration and at the same time being able to act a little bit anti-cyclically in the company life through venture capital, and sometimes also

01:12:10: mini acceleration can slow you down while large corporations are bad

01:12:15: you like best on the note there we want to live together with the founders to be successful and that is the face on.

01:12:24: insects.

01:12:26: With and there is because if you think about the mobility of the future, there is also a clear change where you say e.g. no idea.

01:12:38: Owning a personal car or I don't know are things that probably differentiate between inner-city mobility and then the long distance around Vienna or.

01:12:47: So ownership of the personal car mentioned it I very little cheeses,

01:12:52: So we have, we believe that this car subscription service market will just grow, we had one side invested in ride sharing platform

01:13:01: yes early now we have invested in immobility from Abus very early on than we can see that we had before Corona and around there too.

01:13:11: Are also committed.

01:13:14: The question is who becomes who who within this sometimes also obvious change.

01:13:23: A STARTUP is a business model that can also be sustainably executed, which is actually almost the same

01:13:29: give another question I think you have to take a closer look there you have to sometimes also come across the topic of technology and

01:13:40: here you are with her in such a way that you just try to understand exactly what the teams are.

01:13:49: Being able to differentiate and claim in the long term and that can also be a technology angel.

01:13:57: And here we are, just visiting us.

01:14:01: To support the stand-up bed and an example might be what the field of vision makes it hardware components for autonomous cars.

01:14:10: Unfortunately systems of one brand or another are scanning and the other may also know.

01:14:15: Unfortunately systemic gibst is a topic in which an unbelievable amount of venture capital is closed but that is not really true.

01:14:23: Go ahead we invested relatively late but we are convinced that was the case.

01:14:29: Having the team and the approach of one that is unfortunately also sustainable at an attractive price. Get in the car and all that.

01:14:39: Certainly, autonomous driving will actually be made possible

01:14:42: and uh, what a small indicator that, after many screenings, at the end of the day, Continental has now also seen in the largest wasp in the field of vision, if you follow exactly this logic.

01:14:55: Factory farming really means the high level of reliability

01:15:02: saw Edling to get these things into vehicles and those are things that are ticking at 7:30 a.m. or so.

01:15:11: Which depend on the changes made by residents, can I mean? Turn it on.

01:15:17: I remember I think correctly because when do you have to correct me if it is wrong think bMW has set up a big venture of yours with 500,000,000 or summer,

01:15:27: and had the thesis or explained that they are actually only looking abroad, only in America.

01:15:33: Is that a trend in general, so you just said you have a lot of industry contacts, what are the search fields for Industry Industry when they approach you, regardless of your portfolio.

01:15:44: What are the topics that are currently dominating and because Schwinger may also have the theses with someone, a great example,

01:15:52: I believe an unharmed investment, the Elise GmbH from Bremerhaven were co-investment with BMW i Ventures,

01:16:01: EMI statement on the pull, I think it is already a few years old or correct and from the perspective also totally understandable if I am I have to compete globally and have to invest there,

01:16:13: where the critical mass of tomorrow arises otherwise at some point it has to be distracted and from a global perspective there is totally the reflex,

01:16:21: totally clear that one says OPs are first, the markets in the USA and China decide what happens for 3 years, shitty covid.

01:16:33: The players from the USA from China and BMW are rediscovering Europe as a focus which is the dominant interest.

01:16:42: I have to give him where my talent is available and solutions while standing, that means we honestly see strong beeps of interest and attention to the European team

01:16:56: Jan covid-19 stolen ministerial

01:16:59: together with BMW i Ventures Continental, US forestry is also partly investing with the large European fund

01:17:07: well this breakup,

01:17:10: is January there or there, from my point of view, has actually seen the transaction done

01:17:18: and the volume in the market is also going to increase, we're not quite where we want to go yet, two in a nutshell, so whenever you look at the big global coupling fan shop pots

01:17:31: still doesn't translate enough into German, but then we don't need to hide like we did 345 years ago.

01:17:38: Are you afraid I don't know if you want to answer that, but are you worried about the German automotive industry in general, so one looks at the Chinese players with an eye on Tesla and so on or so one looks worried

01:17:50: or is it all still in perspective for the time being.

01:17:54: If we as early-stage investors were worried now, then I think our pension would have a bit of a defect - we dealt with it when Daimler dealt with the Tesla shares

01:18:06: sold and July 8th why and in principle the discussions.

01:18:14: The acceleration from when is not new to us. REM are no surprise that the.

01:18:20: He thought it was already written a few years ago that the stock market situation is as it is in the automotive industry.

01:18:30: Let's worry.

01:18:32: Jordan doesn't bring us, they have to actively accompany change, have competitive solutions and products.

01:18:41: Got it.

01:18:43: What we prefer to want is we want to simply finance startups that work with the automotive industry.

01:18:52: Globally competitive products and solutions stared at urgently Thanks autonomous drive on until electrification, once again the large automobile companies are all spouses of companies that know what is visible and that's a good thing.

01:19:07: And I've seen what is in this partnership, then I'm very, very and very, very confident,

01:19:14: that the automotive industry, as it has shown in the past, competes with its products.

01:19:20: M&M can bring out a bit of a shame, it's just that they do it slowly.

01:19:27: But I also have the impression here and there things are accelerating but now again, fear no.

01:19:35: New information really doesn't really feel like putting up your sleeves and getting faster.

01:19:45: And then I know if I want to answer that, but the step from Tesla to Brandenburg to open a gigafactory factory now.

01:19:53: How do you see that and how he is then he will also be a partner for you afterwards, e.g. BMW or say it more like this is the one

01:20:01: the enemy is now going to be in attack mode and she is actually undesirable.

01:20:08: No, no, I mean, the other way around, I was allowed to go to Tina with a team of founders from the Technical University of Munich to join the forum.

01:20:19: When the Pristina is running full with Porsche Cayenne and BMW 5 Series and there are works by everyone so that this one.

01:20:29: I have a slight protectionist mindset, what is Tesla doing here in Brandenburg, so my personal opinion of that, I don't think much of it.

01:20:39: Investing in the middle of a high-performing company creates jobs, creates competition and, in the end, creates the incentive to get better then just do that so I can't do that great.

01:20:53: Smart strategy you just say because there is competition now, I don't want all of this to happen anyway with iCloud not completely cool yes I think that's exactly right said that could have been that you might just because of your industry proximity there so break in at the look of it

01:21:08: 0am great so from my side out of bed through Benjamin there are things that you would like to address or forget something important.

01:21:18: I had fun, thank you for the time and yes.

01:21:23: I was very happy today, thank you, see you soon and all the best, all right, ciao.

01:21:30: Music.

01:21:41: So that was Benjamin Erhard from Entrepreneurship Venture Capital and that brings us to the end of today's show, I hope you enjoyed it, I found it very interesting, I think I got a very good overview of the mobility world of nach Corona phase

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01:22:14: de Slash

01:22:15: Startups for all the formations for the BBC program and then all I have to do is wish you a good week, we'll hear from you again shortly on the subject of progtech and what I've been through all over the world about proptech and the real estate world Corona changed.

01:22:26: All the best and bye.

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