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Das-Lieschen wrote:
Hello everyone,
We would like to give a long-standing Swedish colleague a present that should say, among other things: Nice that you exist.
We have already tried all the online translators, but we always get a different translation. Can someone tell us how it is now correctly translated.
Thank you very much for your effort.

You could write:
Bra att du finns (nice that you exist)
Det är roligt och skönt att ha dig hos oss (It's nice to have you with us)
Tack att you finns (thanks for being there)
Vad skönt att you är här (How nice that you are here)
Det är en glädje att få känna dig (It's a pleasure to know you)
(Vi) tycker om dig ((we) like you)
or something like this with:
Till en trevlig arbetskamrat (a nice work colleague)

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