What do you think is rude

Is it rude to drop bumper plates on a platform in a gym?

I've seen gyms with bumper plates and a lift that are clearly designed for normal Olympic lifting that fall from the chest or over the head, next to a sign saying safety bars always like that should configure so that the pole does not hit the pole ground. This would of course damage the bar, create a tremendous amount of noise and increase the danger to the lifter. I'm trying to say that the gym rules don't necessarily make sense.

It is perfectly reasonable to drop an Olympic pole loaded with bumper plates in a controlled manner from your chest or over your head while using an Olympic platform: run it down with your hands, making sure it isn't against the Wall jumps, and so on. That doesn't mean everyone in the gym will understand or accept this normalcy. It can even be technical and bizarre against the rules of your gym. Whether or not it is rude depends on how well your fellow gymnasts are familiar with Olympic lifting, that is, it goes against all reasons and patterns. The guy who won't unload his bench press, sing out loud to his earbuds, curl up in a crouch, steal people's weights while they sit and rest for 30 seconds between sets, and get his sweat all over the floor, could consider it rude for you to drop a 1RM snapshot or step out of a failed Max Clean & Jerk. So life is.

Dropping a bar only becomes problematic if it is excessive or unnecessary. An example is letting go of every deadlift, including the warm-up sets. Dropping a light overhead press is another. Hitting or hitting the bar on the floor in celebration is another. Dropping the bar should be done as it would not be safe for the lifter to do anything else that is common in Olympic lifts and occasionally other lifts. Dropping a bar to avoid the increased pain that comes with lowering and lifting is a fuzzy area that should be considered other fitness peers' interference, but dropping a bar for safety is just something people get used to should be part of being in a place where weights are lifted overhead.


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