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Culture Australia: Facts, Features & Development

The Culture of australia is certainly not nearly as diverse and distinctive as that of Europe. This is logically due to the fact that the young nation, with its history of just over 200 years, has of course not yet been able to develop into a cultural stronghold. Nevertheless, the 5th continent has now developed its very own lifestyle, which, despite the visible British influences, exudes a clear individuality.


Development towards individuality

The culture of Australia was previously shaped exclusively by the British. Due to the fact that Down Under became more and more popular with immigrants from different cultural backgrounds, a very internationally influenced society emerged. Today one finds a predominantly multicultural way of life, which is nevertheless rooted in the British tradition. Of course, the 5th continent cannot be imagined without the cultural influences of the Aborigines. The "white population" became more and more tolerant of the indigenous people from decade to decade and began to be interested in their cultural backgrounds - even if only to a limited extent. And since the exotic way of life of the Aborigines has meanwhile developed into a flourishing market, it has a significant impact on the culture in Australia. The fact that the didgeridoos, boomerangs and paintings of the Aborigines create a kind of hype, which is largely used for the purpose of marketing, has a somewhat negative aftertaste - considering that nowadays, significantly more tourists have didgeridoos and boomerangs than the Aboriginal people itself. It gives the impression that every penny is squeezed out of the indigenous culture in order to keep the country's economy running as well as possible.


Big City Life vs. Crocodile Dundee Style

But the Crocodile Dundee Style is also very popular. There is hardly a shopping mile that is not full of shops that have kangaroo leather hats or crocodile teeth in their range. They really do everything on the 5th continent to successfully market the wild “Aussie image”. The funny thing is that in big cities you hardly ever come across someone walking the streets à la Crocodile Dundee. On the contrary, the Australians who live in cities, like most city dwellers, attach great importance to fashion, love going to the cinema, like to go shopping, eat well and party extensively. But if you move towards the outback, you often meet the real Australian veterans who have nothing to do with the marketing boom or fashion. In fact, they are exactly what the "typical Outback Aussie" imagines - rough but warm and often extremely hospitable. In addition, they have their own sense of humor, which often relates to their country and its characteristics.

However, all Australians have one thing in common: They are very uncomplicated, sociable and usually very enthusiastic about sports. But the weekend barbecue with friends and family is also a typical cultural event Down Under.


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