Meghan Markle shaves her cat

Royal family constellation

There was talk of escape in the British rainbow press on Friday. According to official information, Meghan has already left for Canada. Baby Archie wasn't even in London, but stayed in Vancouver with his nanny. When the Duchess and her child will return to Britain is unclear. Harry, on the other hand, is said to have stayed in London - and made some crisis phone calls there.

And what about the royal family now? At "Madame Tussauds", an institution in London, everything has long been clear: The wax figures of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were separated from the rest of the royal family on Thursday, one day after the couple announced they wanted to go their own way . Consistent actually.

Another venerable London institution, Buckingham Palace, is not that easy. After all: The most important members of the British royal family want to find a solution for the future status of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan within a few days. Because they want to become financially independent, but keep their titles. The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William are said to have instructed their teams to work quickly with the government and the couple's employees "on workable solutions," it said from palace circles.

Colleague friends

Sometimes you can see the polished Hollywood machinery human. And when that happens, it creates particularly moving moments. This is what happened on Thursday: At a gala event, Bradley Cooper presented his fellow actor Brad Pitt with an award for his role in the film "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood". 56-year-old Pitt took the opportunity to thank Cooper. He helped him to overcome his own alcohol addiction: "Because of him, I'm clean, and since then every day has been happier than the next. I love you and thank you again." Pitt didn't say exactly how Cooper helped him - some secrets are better left with friends. Even in Hollywood.

CR7 has new hair

In terms of football, Cristiano Ronaldo may still be up to par, the 34-year-old has just scored the next hat trick for Juventus Turin, but stylistically, his performance is starting to cause concern. CR7 has a new hairstyle, but it is not really new. Apart from David Beckham, there was hardly a footballer who was as stylish as the Portuguese Ronaldo. Undercut, milled-in line as parting, shaved lightning bolts - all of this has been copied a million times.

The problem with the new hairstyle, a mini ponytail at the back of the head, known in specialist circles as a top knot or man bun: For the first time, it looks like a copy. Liverpool's Firmino and Zlatan Ibrahimovic wore it years ago, especially Ronaldo's former Madrid team-mate Gareth Bale always wears a top knot.

Rapper with an addiction problem

Drugs and rappers - that sounds like a cliché at first. But Sido is just not an American gangsta guy with a lot of street credibility. His addiction problem is correspondingly bourgeois: "After 15 years, I'm just about to stop using nasal spray," said the 39-year-old in an Instagram video.

A buddy told him that nasal spray before the show was good, "and then I thought, nasal spray before bed is definitely good too, and nasal spray before shower is definitely good too, and nasal spray before dinner is definitely good, and then it was i got hooked ". You should take it seriously when pharmacists say you can only use sprays for one week.

Lyme disease instead of crystal meth

And another pop star is currently struggling with prejudices about his lifestyle: Justin Bieber, 25, Canadian singer. So he has now explained his appearance. "A lot of people have been saying over and over again lately that I look shitty because I'm on crystal meth," he wrote on Instagram. "What they didn't know: I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, and not only that, I also have severe glandular fever, and it is chronic." His skin is affected, his brain function, his energy level, everything. The poor! But at least he remains optimistic: "I will return - better than ever."