What's your favorite crunchy snack

Say goodbye to your guilty conscience - and say hello to these 15 healthy snacks

Healthy snacks for those with a sweet tooth

Energy balls with pistachios, cranberries and chia seeds

Simply put the dates, honey, chia seeds and flax seeds in a food processor, mix and then shape the mixture into balls. A perfectly successful compilation that makes you fit is ready. To the recipe

Chia peanut butter granola bars

Here, oatmeal, chia seeds, applesauce, agave syrup and peanut butter are transformed into a delicious muesli bar and satisfy your hunger in a delicious but very healthy way. To the recipe

Frozen yogurt blueberry bites

One, another, and another ... They're so delicious! And the best? You can snack as many as you want, because these frozen yogurt bites come out of the freezer as healthy as they came in. To the recipe

Muffins with blueberries

One muffin after waking up, one for on the go and one for the office ... Now you can have breakfast whenever you want. Because these sugar-free muffins are the perfect to-go snack and, thanks to almond flour and blueberries, are rich in protein and fiber. To the recipe

Colorful fruit summer rolls

Wrap your fruit in rice paper and then ... do you deep fry it? Do you bake it No, then you just enjoy colorful, healthy snacks full of vitamins and a fruity taste. To the recipe

Strawberry and basil fruit leather

There is so much you can do with strawberries. But have you ever tried to dry them? Not? Then it's time, because this is how you conjure up your fruit leather and have a delicious snack ready. To the recipe

Peanut butter and banana bites made from three ingredients

You had decided to eat healthier, but now you suddenly feel like eating sugar? Then prepare these delicious bites with peanut butter, bananas and oatmeal: Thanks to the natural sweetness, you can still stick to your good intentions. To the recipe

Colorful breakfast muffins

Oatmeal, milk, eggs, fruit ... they all sound like the perfect ingredients for your breakfast. And if you make a muffin out of them, you can put them in your bag and satchel for yourself and the whole family with a clear conscience. To the recipe

Apple peanut butter snack

So, it's evening, your favorite series is about to start - the perfect moment to get something to nibble on. But not just anything, but healthy snacks made from apples with peanut butter, nuts, raisins and chocolate drops. It's done very quickly, then all you need to do is put your feet up and relax and enjoy. To the recipe

Homemade apple and banana chips

Sweet instead of salty. Nice and fruity instead of greasy. Homemade instead of bought. And instead of forcing yourself to stop, you can continue snacking in a relaxed manner. To the recipe

Hearty, healthy snacks

Low carb sesame crackers

Healthy snacks with no regrets: These crispy sesame crackers with almonds and hazelnuts not only taste incredibly delicious, they also provide you with plenty of energy in between. To the recipe

Hummus with vegetable sticks

Open the glass, put in the hummus, put vegetable sticks on top. Close a glass, take it with you and just enjoy it whenever you feel hungry. To the recipe

Roasted parmesan carrots

Simply mix carrots with vegetable oil, garlic, parmesan and panko flour, bake for a quarter of an hour and then sit on the couch and nibble this snack with little carbohydrates, little fat and lots of taste. To the recipe

Crispy kale chips

Roast your kale in the oven and turn it into a crispy vegetable snack. And you will find out: Munching chips in front of the TV in the evening has never been so healthy. To the recipe

Healthy snacks with our dehydrator

Are you hungry for snacks and are you in the mood for vegetable chips, fruit leather or muesli bars? With DehydratorDora you can easily dry your healthy delicacies yourself. Only what you love comes in! Thanks to intuitive operation and LCD display you can look forward to your nibbles in a relaxed manner.

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Zucchini chips with basil and rosemary

Simply place the zucchini slices on a baking sheet, season with basil and rosemary and your crispy chips are ready - they are in no way inferior to those made from potatoes. Only the fat content is nice and slim in the vegetable variant. To the recipe