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When the good Lord is bored in heaven, he opens the window and looks at the boulevards of Paris. (Heinrich Heine)

France has around 65 million inhabitants and is geographically, historically and culturally an extremely diverse country.

Fertile agricultural areas are constantly changing with mountains. France has coasts to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the English Channel and the North Sea with a total length of around 5,500 km.

The tourismplays an important economic role in France. Around one million people work in the tourism sector, which accounts for around 10% of the gross national product.

What do you think of France or what is so typically French?

When you hear the word France, one thinks of Paristhe city of love, den Eiffel Towerthe symbol of the city, the one produced only in the region with the same name champagne, to the Sun King and to be Palace of Versailles. One thinks of Haute couture the style and elegance of fashion in Paris that has spawned the world's greatest fashion designers, including names like Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Coco Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier to name just a few.

Also the Haute cuisine, the fine art of cooking, has its origins in France. Most of the top chefs have either learned their trade here or refined it here. Forbidden in our country, but in France this dish has been declared a national and gastronomic cultural heritage - foie gras (Foie gras). The same goes for the frog legs, which made the British choose them frogsTo name (frogs).

The French like to enjoy and celebrate, be it with family or friends. The typical French baguette, should not be missing from any meal and without croissantsIt is not a typical French breakfast. The French like to drink their morning coffee in a bistro, of which there is at least one on every corner. Despite the large number, the bistros and street cafes are always full, as if people's entire lives were taking place on the street.

Good wine is part of every good meal. Both qualitatively and quantitatively, France is one of the best-known and most important wine-growing regions in the world. The names Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne are as common all over the world as Cola, soccer or the Beatles. The average French drink 80 liters of wine per year.

The French Riviera (French Riviera) extends on the Mediterranean coast between Mentonin the east and Cassis in the west and stands for deep blue water, sophisticated coastal towns and romantic mountain villages in the hinterland. Saint Tropez is probably always associated with the Louis de Funés films, Cannes is known for its annual film festival, Nice for its glamorous Mediterranean flair, a Mecca for those who are hungry for sun and adventure.

The autonomous onePrincipality of Monacohas always been a sought-after residence for the rich. It probably only became really known as the former actress Grace Kelly married the prince and thus became Princess Gracia Patricia. That also meant the end of a boring, slightly dusty monarchy. It was she who breathed new life into the small principality.

Who does not know them, the purple fields of lavender, the postcard motif of Provence par excellence. About 25 km north of Nice is located Grasse, the world capital of perfume with the three main perfumeries: Molinard, Galimard and Fragonard and the Musée International de la Parfumerie(International Museum of Perfume Manufacture).

What I'm also thinking about are the herds with the wild, graceful white horses of the Camargueor thousands of pink flamingos poking around for food.

I also think of thatGrand Canyon du Verdon (Gorges du Verdon), who as the little brother of the Grand Canyon in Arizonais traded. It is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Provence. The river Verdon has dug a gorge about 50 km long in the limestone plateau of Haute Provence, which in some places can reach a depth of about 700 meters.

It is also typically French Edith Piaf with her chansons about sadness and happiness, misery and lust, which she trumpeted out into the world with her unmistakable, sonorous voice, which one would not have expected such a small, delicate person to be. For me she is the embodiment of French chanson.

Then the literature, art and culture that has produced many personalities would also be worth mentioning here, but that would go beyond the scope of this article.

What I would ultimately like to get at, and what probably very few of you contribute to France think is a very interesting area for me in the north-west of the country. For many of you, it's over Asterix and Obelix known as Gaul. For me it was the other way around. My first contact with Brittany goes back to my youth when I heard about the legend of Merlinand the Fairy morgane have read. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the novel, but I also had something to do with King Arthur, but the area described in this novel made a deep impression on me. Since then it has been an enchanted land full of magic for me.


Breton Breizh Little Britain is the largest peninsula in France and the westernmost branch of mainland Europe north of the Iberian Peninsula. The Bretons are a proud people and many still speak the language of their ancestors Breizh (Breton) today, including the younger population.

2.8 million inhabitants live on an area of ​​27,208 km² in numerous smaller cities (maximum 50,000 inhabitants). Brittany is the most important agricultural region in France in terms of fishing, meat and dairy processing.

More tourists visit this part of France each year than locals live here, but 90% of these tourists are French and they almost all come during the summer holidays in July and August.

The land of the magician Merlin and the fairy Morgane is a land of elegies, legends and fairy tales. Calvaires (Calvaries), Enclos Paroissiaux (enclosed parishes) and numerous pardons (pilgrimages) suggest a people of deep faith. Dolmens and menhirs look back on thousands of years of culture.

Whenever time permits, our stay in Brittany is recorded on the map below and the points on the map are linked to the corresponding contributions.

More about Brittany can be found in our travel blog in Category Brittany

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