Why are Beyond Meat Burgers so expensive

Beyond Meat: Brutal crash since autumn - it can go that deep now

The once highly acclaimed meat substitute manufacturer Beyond Meat has fallen out of favor on the stock exchange. Since peaking at $ 197.50 in October, the stock has lost 40 percent of its value. After the minus of seven percent on Wednesday, the chart image has once again clouded over significantly. The industry has a price problem.

Impossible Foods lowers prices - and spoils the appetite of Beyond Meat shareholders. The competitor announced on Wednesday that it would sell its patties for 15 percent less, and thus for 6.80 dollars a pound. It is the second price cut in a year.

Beyond Meat charges $ 6.40 less than Impossible Foods for a pound of its meat alternative. Nevertheless, the pressure on the listed competitor is increasing. Especially since a number of providers have jumped on the vegan bandwagon in recent months, in Germany for example Rügenwalder or the discounters Aldi and Lidl.

In addition, the meat substitutes from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are still much more expensive than real meat. In the US, a pound of ground beef costs only between two and three dollars.

When looking at the Beyond Meat chart, chart technicians get heartburn. After the 200-day line has broken permanently, there is now a threat of a crash to the $ 100 range. Failure to hold this level could continue to decline to the May low of $ 90.

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