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Queen Margrethe - Bird of Paradise of the Royals

The Danes love their Queen Margrethe. She is considered a bird of paradise among the royals and is known for her artistic streak: she paints pictures, designs theatrical costumes and illustrates books. more

William - "The Prince of Hearts"

Many Britons remind Prince William of his late mother Diana. With Kate, the number two of the British line of succession has found his dream woman. Three children make happiness perfect. more

Prince Charles - The Eternal Heir to the Throne

He loves country life, is committed to environmental protection and patiently waits for the crown. Prince Charles is increasingly representing Queen Elizabeth II on official occasions. more

Harry - The Party Prince has grown up

He used to make headlines as a party prince, but now Prince Harry has mastered his royal role with ease. He's very popular - mainly because he's human. more

Prince Andrew - the royal war hero

As a pilot in the Royal Navy, he earned British recognition in the Falklands War. As ambassador for British business, Andrew has to resign because of dubious contacts. more

Princess Anne - The royal rider

Queen Elizabeth's daughter has blossomed from an unpopular horse freak into a popular figure. Hardly any British royal shows more social commitment than Princess Anne. more

This is how the Queen lives

Queen Elizabeth II lives and works in the middle of London, in Buckingham Palace. The interior of the 19 splendidly furnished state rooms is quite impressive. Picture gallery

Buckingham Palace

Since 1837 the palace has been Her Majesty's official seat of government. Queen Victoria was the first queen to reside in the palace. more

The State Apartments at Windsor

Anyone invited by the Queen to a state banquet first enters the large vestibule. The Queen has the dishes served at the state banquet in St. George's Hall. more