Mexicans eat frozen burritos

Best Frozen Burritos 2021: Top Brands Review

You don't have to be Mexican to like burritos; it is a staple that you can consume at any time of the day. There are endless options for fillings too. If you're a vegan, you can fill it with vegetables and boiled beans. Otherwise, fill your burrito with different types of meat like chicken, pork, and beef. The best thing about burrito is that you don't have to spend an hour in the kitchen to prepare it. It is easily available in the market. All you have to do is put it in the microwave for a few seconds.

You would be surprised to know that all burritos are not made with the same ingredients. Different brands use different ingredients and cooking methods. In the end, it affects the taste of the burrito. Let's rate the top frozen burrito brands as of 2021.

↑ Choosing the best microwave burrito

How to choose the best microwave burrito is a fascinating question. It depends on several factors. The first thing to accept is that the burrito is a high calorie concentrated food. It is high in fat, carbohydrates, and sodium. Overeating burritos can increase body fat and cause obesity. However, there is no doubt that burrito is a delicious food and with the help of a microwave it becomes ready to eat in minutes. Hundreds of brands of burrito are sold worldwide right now, and choosing the best frozen burrito is next to impossible.

An easy way to choose the best microwave burrito is by judging its taste. Many people like the taste of beef, some like the taste of pork, while others like the taste of chicken. Besides this, you also need to consider other ingredients in the filling. Cheddar cheese, kale, beans, and other ingredients enhance the flavor. The burrito is a Mexican dish, so it must have the flavor of Mexico. So the sharpness is also important. Make sure the frozen burritos have a fair amount of guajillo pepper puree, jalapenos, and green chilli peppers.

Another way to choose top frozen burritos is through their healthy properties. Many brands of burrito do not use GMO products for safety reasons. They also never use artificial colors and flavors. These burritos give an authentic taste because they are made from organic ingredients. Eating these frozen burritos is much healthier than others. The chances of getting allergies or other side effects from these types of burritos are much lower. Also, due to the low sodium content, these burritos won't raise blood pressure. They put less strain on the heart system and help you control obesity.

↑ Top Rated Frozen Burrito Brands

Burrito is true Mexican cuisine, so all other Mexican food brands offer burritos. There are currently over a hundred brands selling burritos worldwide. All of these brands have different burritos. Hence, choosing the best frozen burrito brands from this endless list of burritos is a daunting task. All of these burritos are made by top brands that you can trust with your eyes closed.

↑ 1. Functional Breakfast Burrito from Sweet Earth Protein Lover

It's a 170-gram high-calorie burrito; you have roughly 380 calories in a burrito. It contains roughly 22 grams of protein, 2% vitamin D, and 8 grams of fiber. A high concentration of calcium and vitamin C also makes it healthy. You can easily cook it up in just two minutes of microwave cooking. The company uses cage-free eggs in the fillings. The balanced combination of quinoa, kale, benevolent bacon, Tuscan savory and cheddar cheese makes it very tasty. It's a delicious meal for any protein-loving, fitness-conscious person. Many health conscious people say this is the best frozen burrito.

↑ 2. Amy's Kitchen Light in Sodium Cheddar Cheese Burrito

If you want to try the authentic taste of Mexican Handmade Burrito, then this is your must-try. In a burrito, you would get roughly 28% fiber, 17% protein, 15% iron, and 14% fat. The main ingredients of this delicious burrito are pinto beans, brown rice, cheddar cheese and organic tomato puree. With every bite you would experience and enjoy the authentic taste of Mexico. The low sodium concentration in the burrito makes it suitable for people with high blood pressure.

↑ 3. 365 Everyday Value Bean & Chicken Burrito

If you want a poultry-based burrito with a real Mexican flavor then it will satisfy your taste buds. This burrito was high on our list due to its low calorie concentration. Each burrito from this brand contains around 300 calories. With every bite you have big chicken bites. The delicious sauce enhances its true Mexican taste.

↑ 4. Evol Burritos Shredded Beef

There is no doubt that beef is the ultimate filling for a burrito. It delivers that hearty feel in every bite of the burrito. That is why we selected this burrito as one of the top frozen burrito brands. Aside from the delicious tortilla, the main ingredient in this burrito is flavored, flavored beef. Cheddar cheese and pinto beans make this burrito very nutritious. A burrito contains around 320 calories of food energy.

This burrito is pretty spicy too; for authentic Mexican heat, the company has added copious amounts of guajillo and pepper puree, jalapenos, and green chilli peppers. However, the sweet tomato juice proportionally balances the heat, making it one of the best frozen burritos out there.

↑ 5. Las Campanas Burritos

Another frozen beef-based burrito is Las CampanasBurritos. The company has been making burritos for generations and perfecting the art of burrito making. They use all fresh ingredients that are locally made in America. The glowing color of this burrito is natural and comes from organic caramel, crushed red pepper, jalapeno puree, and modified food starch.

↑ 6. Red's All Organic Burritos

This burrito was high on our list of guidelines. This company has strict guidelines against GMO, MSG and artificial flavors. They all use organic products in their burritos. These burritos are very tasty and give the authentic taste of nature. The burritos are made from cage-free eggs. They use a highly disinfected food production system.

↑ 7. Evol Foods

It's hard to imagine that a whole food chain system like Evol can produce good frozen burritos. These burritos are extremely soft and melt in your mouth. The bold taste of this burrito comes from organic produce. The perfect balance between tomatoes, jalapenos and green chilli goes well together. Excess amounts of cheddar cheese make it more delicious.

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↑ 8. Don Miguel

Don Miguel is another frozen burrito brand that delivers authentic Mexican flavors. They offer six different types of burritos. Their "Sausage & Egg with 3 Cheeses" is one of the most popular burritos sold. These burritos are good for a quick breakfast if you are late for work. They will burden you for the rest of the day.

↑ 9. Patio Burritos

Despite being a small burrito, it does have a large calorie punch in it. You can have approximately 420 calories of food energy in a burrito. We think it's a great option because of its combination of beef, pinto bean filling, and vegetables. The real Mexican spices in this burrito make it more delicious when it's hot.

↑ 10. Reynaldos Jumbo Burritos

The monstrosity of this jumbo burrito comes from a large tortilla. It got its place on the list for its hearty taste and calorie punch. The delicious filling of this burrito consists of seasoned beef and potatoes. If you are a calorie conscious person, think twice before devouring it right away.

↑ 11. Jose Ole Burritos

The fine combination of ground beef and cheddar cheese is the real secret behind this wonderful taste. The list of the best frozen burritos cannot be complete without mentioning this burrito. Green chili peppers, onions, peppers and tomato paste mix wonderfully and give this burrito its unique taste. With every bite you can experience the taste of the Mexican flavor.

↑ 12. Amy's Kitchen Burritos

If you want a gluten-free alternative to burritos then this is your try. It's one of the best frozen burritos that will satisfy you both in terms of taste and health. The main filling of this burrito is rice, cheese, and beans. It's also one of the best vegan and kosher diet varieties of burritos on the market.

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↑ 13. Tina's Burritos

The wonder behind this burrito is its softness, tortilla and hearty filling. Inside this tortilla you will find beef and a soft taste of pinto beans. It's one of the best frozen burritos as this company produces over a million burritos every day. The irresistible taste of this burrito makes it unique among all other burrito brands.

↑ 14. El Monterrey

This company is famous for their Mexican cuisine, they offer one of the best burritos with an original Mexican flavor. The entire product range consists of GMO-free organic food. Their "12er Signature Jalapeno Bean & Three Cheese Burritos" is the best-selling burrito. All of their burritos are freshly made and easy to digest for everyone.

↑ Best FAQs on Microwave Burritos

Microwave the burrito isn't a difficult task; it only takes about two minutes. Simply unpack the burrito and place it on a microwaveable plate. Then put the plate in a microwave. Then set the timer to one minute. Now you need to flip the burrito when a microwave cook cycle is complete. Open the microwave and turn the burrito over. Then put it back in the microwave and set the timer for another minute.

Two minutes of cooking time make the burrito pipe hot and release its original taste. Let it rest for a minute and let it cool down a bit. After a minute's break, you can enjoy it.

↑ 1. Can I have a frozen burrito?

Burrito is one such cuisine that always tastes better when it's hot. While eating a frozen burrito is not prohibited, you will never find the taste of original flavors in it. If your microwave isn't working, just warm it up on the stove with a pan and a dash of hot water.

↑ 2. How long does a frozen burrito last in the refrigerator?

If the seal on the packaging is not broken, then in the freezer, a frozen burrito can last for about a month. However, the burrito can decompose quickly once it is no longer in the packaging. If so, you should use it within 24 hours. Otherwise, harmful bacteria can build up in it, which can make you very sick.

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↑ 3. How do you make sure frozen burritos don't get damp?

The formation of water molecules is the main reason behind the damp burrito. There may be times when you pack the burrito with hot fillings. If you don't eat the burrito for the next 5 minutes, never make the burrito with hot fillings. Instead, let the fillings come to room temperature and wrap the burrito with a fresh tortilla.

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↑ Conclusion

Burrito is a dish that can satisfy your hunger in minutes. It's a meal for any time, especially if you're late. So you can have your stomach filled in just a few minutes. Many people like it for breakfast while others prefer it in the evening. However, it is not always possible to stand in a long queue.

The frozen burrito is the best choice for busy moments. It'll finish in a minute and quickly fill your stomach. Pick one of the frozen burritos if you're short on time. Every bite of these burritos will spice up your palate and you will get the authentic taste of southern cuisine. It's a healthy choice when you are in high energy demand.