How is Vampire Diaries series

Vampire Diaries

Trapped in teenage bodies, rival vampire brothers Stefan and Damon long for the affection of the attractive Elena.
Starring: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder
Creators: Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson
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In this series by Kevin Williamson ("Dawson's Creek") plays Ian Somerhalder ("Lost").

Shocked by the death of her parents, the seventeen-year-old Elena develops an interest in her attractive classmate Stefan, who, however, has a dark secret.

Elena goes to the Salvatores' house in search of Stefan, but finds only Damon there, who reveals surprising details about Stefan's past.

Hoping that Stefan and Bonnie will get closer, Elena invites them to dinner, but the evening is interrupted by Damon and Caroline's arrival.

Stefan accompanies Elena to the city's founder festival. Damon tells Elena a story about the Salvatores that raises many unanswered questions for Elena.

Hoping about his plan to kill Damon, Stefan decides to tell Elena more about his identity. Bonnie seeks advice from her grandmother.

Stefan reveals to Elena the family history of the Salvatores and the reasons for his rivalry with Damon. Meanwhile, Damon takes control of Vicki's future.

Damon is surprised by Bonnie's abilities. Jeremy is no longer allowed to see Vicki. Matt takes Vicki to a party, but then the unbelievable happens.

Stefan gets a surprise visit from his old friend Lexi on his birthday. Meanwhile, Caroline reclaims Damon's medallion from Bonnie.

Jeremy gets a second chance from Alaric Saltzman, his mysterious history teacher. Stefan learns the reason for Damon's return to Mystic Falls.

When Damon hears from Sheriff Forbes about another attack, he tries to catch the killer and discovers shocking details about the city's founders.

Damon wants to surprise his old flame Bree in Georgia and ask for help. Meanwhile, Stefan makes a shocking discovery.

Ben from the Mystic Grill rushes to help Bonnie. Damon and Stefan accompany Elena to a 1950s-style school ball, where Alaric introduces himself to Damon.

Damon's and Stefan's father Giuseppe reveals more family secrets of the Salvatores. Bonnie's date with Ben takes an ugly turn.

Jeremy invites Anna to a party in the woods. Meanwhile, Stefan, Damon and Elena try to open the crypt with Bonnie and Grams and make a shocking find.

Sheriff Forbes asks Damon to participate in a stag auction for a charity.

Anna surprises Damon with an unexpected guest. Elena and Stefan have an embarrassing double date with Caroline and Matt.

Stefan has a frightening decision to make. Matt hopes his mother will stay with him now. After her car breaks down, Caroline makes a shocking discovery.

Stefan is in a rare party mood. Damon's attempt to find out why Elena's uncle John Gilbert is back in town takes a nasty turn.

Elena and Caroline compete against each other in a beauty pageant. Spencer Locke makes a guest appearance. Meanwhile, John Gilbert tries to intimidate Damon.

Elena learns how Damon and Stefan became vampires. Pearl and John Gilbert are on a confrontational course. Jeremy and Anna are now getting closer.

Isobel is back in town. Alaric is stunned by her point of view and her request that he arrange a meeting with Elena.

Damon and Alaric try to prevent John Gilbert from carrying out a plan that would end the Founders Festival in chaos, destruction and death.

Elena is expecting a horrific sight when she arrives home. Damon is the first to realize that Katherine has returned.

Confused and desperate, Caroline leaves the hospital and visits the festival in Mystic Falls with her friends. Damon would like to act immediately.

Elena, Damon, and Alaric head to Duke University to search Isobel's research for clues about the Lockwood family.

Stefan is shocked to learn from Katherine what really happened in 1864. Damon tries to solve his problems with Mason using a new tactic.

Mason reveals more details to Tyler about the Lockwood family curse. Sheriff Lockwood also receives shocking news.

Katherine is looking for a new victim. Meanwhile, Bonnie discovers more information about Mason, which she passes on to Stefan.

Stefan and Damon come up with a new plan against Katherine for the masquerade ball. However, when Matt and Tyler drink shots, the evening takes an ugly turn.

Stefan and Damon rush to help Elena and make a surprising discovery.

Elena finds herself in danger in search of the truth about Katherine's past.

Through his daring attempt to help Bonnie, Jeremy catapults himself into a life-threatening situation and also forces Stefan to put himself in danger.

In anticipation of the full moon, Caroline helps Tyler prepare for his transformation. Damon and Alaric are suspicious when a stranger searches for Mason.

While Damon tries to get the truth out of Jules, he asks Elena to keep an eye on Rose. But suddenly the situation takes a dangerous turn.

Johnathan Gilbert's return to Mystic Falls comes as an unwelcome surprise for Elena, Jenna and Damon. Meanwhile, Stefan does his best to get through to Tyler.

Stefan and Elena spend a romantic weekend together, but do not notice that they have been followed. Damon accepts an important invitation to tea.

Stefan tells Elena about his dark past. Damon invites Elijah to a dinner party with Jenna, Alaric and Andie, but with bad intentions.

Stefan and Bonnie try to get Jonas and Luka to work with them, but Jonas' lack of trust ends in a violent confrontation.

Elena and Alaric are furious with John because Jenna is very upset by Isobel's sudden arrival. Stefan and Damon become aware of their new secret weapon.

Elena receives disturbing news from Klaus. Damon and Alaric go to the 1960s ball as overseers, since they firmly expect Klaus to be there.

Klaus' identity is revealed and Elena learns more about his motivations. Flashbacks to 1491 show the first meeting between Katherine, Elijah and Klaus.

Damon does everything to protect Elena as a possible victim from Klaus' plan to break the curse, which leads to tension with Stefan.

When the full moon arrives, Elena prepares for Klaus' plan. Meanwhile, Tyler is going through his second transformation.

Several lives are at stake as a result of the sacrificial ritual.

Elena turns 18. While looking for Stefan, Damon tries to stop her from doing anything that might get Klaus' attention.

Damon and Alaric reluctantly agree to Elena's new strategy for finding Stefan. This results in Damon facing an unexpected enemy.

Stefan meets a vampire from his past again. In a flashback to the 1920s, he has to face a chapter from his wild past.

A frustrating new enemy draws Damon from his reserve, and his outburst of anger has consequences. Bonnie's strange encounter affects everyone.

A traditional senior year evening with pranks before the start of the new school year takes a fatal turn.

At the start of the school year, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt are upset by recent events as Stefan completes his latest assignment from Klaus.

Mystic Falls is haunted by ghosts during the "Night of Enlightenment". After meeting an angry ghost, Damon seeks help from Bonnie.

Elena and Rebekah are fighting a power struggle. But then Rebekah tells her about old family secrets and her violent past with Klaus.

On the evening of the big dance ball, Rebekah explains to Elena why the event is so important to her. This triggers a remorse for Elena.

Klaus uses violence to convince Damon and Elena that no one is safe until he has found Stefan and he is reunited with his family.

Elena, Bonnie and Matt surprise Caroline with a small party for her 18th birthday. Tyler ignores Klaus ‘latest demand.

Bonnie keeps dreaming of Klaus' coffins. This leads to a reunion with her mother, Abby, who she hasn't seen in 15 years.

Sheriff Forbes shares troubling news about a murder weapon to Alaric and Elena. Caroline suffers from being unable to prevent tragedy.

Elena is invited to a ball in Klaus' villa and discovers a terrible, deadly plan. Who can she confide in with it?

When Elijah gives Damon and Stefan an ultimatum that puts Elena in danger, they ask Alaric and Meredith for help.

Current murders in Mystic Falls remind Damon of a similar series of crimes a hundred years ago. He thinks of a pretty vampire from 1912.

Damon is surprised at the reason Sage has returned, but glad that she is doing unusual ways to help him figure out Rebekah's intentions.

Stefan's emotional frenzy leads to a dangerous confrontation with Klaus and later to a heartbreaking moment with Elena.

Caroline is overjoyed when Tyler returns. But Tyler soon suspects that something is going on between Caroline and Klaus.

A 20s party takes a fatal turn when Damon and Stefan realize they have to rely on Matt, Jeremy, and Bonnie to break a spell.

Klaus tries to leave the city with Elena, but a new enemy wants to prevent this. Damon and Stefan have an open conversation about the future.

To protect his sister, Jeremy makes a decision that changes everything. Bonnie enters into a secret agreement with grave consequences.

To kick off season four, Elena wakes up the morning after the accident and finds that her worst fears have come true.

Elena tries to deal with the severe mood swings of the vampire transformation. Stefan and Damon argue about what's best for them.

Connor continues to try to reveal the secrets of Mystic Falls. Damon and Klaus question Connor. But the confrontation has dire consequences.

Damon, Elena and Bonnie attend Whitmore College, where Professor Shane is in charge of occult studies. The subject was previously taught by Bonnie's grandmother.

Stefan and Klaus team up and try to tame the danger that Connor has caused. Connor takes Jeremy, Matt, and April hostage.

Horrible hallucinations confuse Elena. After Klaus tells Stefan something disturbing about Elena, he takes matters into his own hands.

Caroline tries hard to support Stefan and Elena. Damon tries to convince Stefan to help him figure out Professor Shane's motive.

Damon and Stefan investigate a suspicion about Elena and travel to New Orleans in search of someone who can remember their last visit in 1942.

A winter party fills the streets of Mystic Falls. Stefan and Caroline disagree with Tyler about his plans for Klaus and his hybrids.

Rebekah shows up unexpectedly at Mystic Falls High School and tries to force Stefan, Elena, and Caroline to help her find a cure.

Jeremy is furious when Klaus tries to control him by putting Matt's life at risk. Damon teaches Jeremy about vampires before meeting Klaus ‘.

Bonnie and Kol quarrel after a confrontation with her father, Mayor Hopkins, about his unconventional fight against violence in Mystic Falls.

Shane leads an expedition to a deserted island off the coast of Nova Scotia, hoping to find a secret cure.

On the island, Damon has a bad encounter with a hunter. Stefan admits to Elena what he thinks of the possibility of becoming human again.

Stefan returns to Mystic Falls with Elena and Jeremy. Caroline worries about Elena's state of mind. Stefan asks Dr. Fell for help.

Everyone is concerned about Elena's future. Stefan and Damon agree that it is best for them when school starts again for them.

Damon realizes that Elena needs a distance from Mystic Falls and takes her to New York, where he lived and partied in the 1970s.

Elena and Rebekah end up looking for Katherine in a small town in Pennsylvania, where Elena runs into an old friend.

Elijah has an all-changing role for Rebekah. Caroline's plans for the perfect dance ball are screwed up by Elena.

Klaus receives the tip that something is planned against him in New Orleans. He makes his way to the city that he and his family helped to found.

Damon and Stefan try to provoke Elena into turning her emotions back on. Caroline is frustrated because she tries in vain to prevent it.

As graduation approaches, Caroline tries to distract Elena with simple tasks. But she doesn't let go of her new obsession so easily.

In the final episode of this season, the city is filled with ghosts who settle accounts and want to fulfill their supernatural destinies.

Elena is thrilled to be moving to a dormitory at nearby Whitmore College with Caroline. She assumes that Bonnie will come soon.

Without telling Elena of Stefan's disappearance, Damon calls for help in finding his brother. Meanwhile, Elena and Caroline are investigating a murder case at the university.

Elena and Katherine both dream that Stefan is in danger and desperately needs their help. So they persuade Damon to help them find Stefan.

While a memorial day is being celebrated in Mystic Falls in honor of the dead, Damon and Elena try to stand by Stefan during this confusing time.

At university, Elena is drawn to a sad and mysterious student. Elena and Damon go to a costume ball as Anne Boleyn and Heinrich VIII.

Silas tells Damon and Elena about his new goal. But they are skeptical of his promise to do an important job in return for their help.

Elena and Damon try to explain Stefan Amara's situation. Dr. Wes Maxfield, meanwhile, has very disturbing news for Katherine.

Elena and Caroline are about to throw a big party at Whitmore College, but their plans are thwarted when Jesse suddenly needs Caroline's help.