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Experience report: Recruitment test for voluntary military service (FWD)

After completing secondary school, Jan * (20) got to know the Bundeswehr for twelve months: in voluntary military service. Here he reveals how his application and recruitment test went.

I graduated from secondary school when I was 17 years old. After that I didn't know what I wanted to do for a living. At that time, my older brother had already been a contract soldier in the Bundeswehr for two years. He's rightafter graduating from secondary school Committed to sergeant-major for twelve years.

Voluntary military service: getting to know the Bundeswehr

I saw him regularly when he visited my parents and me on the weekends. He always went on and on about what he had experienced in the Bundeswehr. His stories were interesting, but I was rather skeptical and, as a 17-year-old, I was still too young to decide for myself about an obligation: I would have done that my parents' permission second hand.

After a while my brother convinced me and I wanted to see how things are in the Bundeswehr. Instead of pledging myself directly for several years, I signed up as a Voluntary military service (FWDler) applied for a period of service of twelve months. The duration is very important: If you sign up for more than a year, you may have to take part in foreign assignments, and I didn't want that.

Application to the career advisor

The first step on my way to the armed forces was a call to theCareer counselors near me. Only a week later I was already in his office, where he explained everything to me about careers and assignments in the Bundeswehr. Then he gave me the application documents, which were several forms that I was supposed to fill out and sign at home. A week later, I returned the documents to the career advisor along with my certificates.

The next step followed four weeks later in oneBundeswehr career center. I received an invitation to take a recruitment test. Unfortunately, I had to cancel this appointment a day in advance because I was sick. So I called again: No problem, just a week later I had an alternative appointment.

Recruitment test in the career center

At half past seven in the morning, it was a Monday, I should be at the career center. The selection process began around eight o'clock. The first stop was to give a urine sample, followed by a hearing test and an eye test. Then I was allowed to stand on the scales, after all my height was measured.

Then took placethe CAT test instead, a recruitment test on the PC. Among other things, it was about spelling, math, logic, visual thinking and concentration - I found the concentration tasks the most difficult. The next station was the medical examination, followed by an extended lunch break.

In the afternoon I talked to a psychologist and an officer about why I want to join the armed forces. It was about my family and my brother, about hobbies and my graduation. Afterwards I had a conversation witha planner. I was able to say at which locations and in what use I would like to be deployed. Finally got a job in the army with the tank grenadiers. My selection process ended at half past one in the afternoon.

* Name changed by the editor

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