Is Breaking Bad better than The Wire

The Wire vs. The Sopranos?

To all series connoisseurs: I'm looking for good series so that you can understand my taste, I'll name a few series that I liked and why:

Dexter: very exciting and emotional series, which still seems authentic, cross-episode narrative style, just great! Breaking Bad: Here I especially like the quality that comes to the cinema and the cross-episode arc of suspense Dr. House: The show's smart cynical joke and the characters' relationships with one anotherDr. Who: I love SciFi and Dr. belongs to it and gets better and more exciting over time Torchwood: Class, series, more serious than Dr. Who, I like that, good themesLost: The mysterious, the development of the characters and the quality of the series itself. Again, the cross-episode stories

May be more (Simpsons (older episodes), South Park, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, all Star Trek, Monk, The X-Files, Millenium, Outer Limits), but these are the sieres I saw last series , with which I couldn't make friends: The Shield (every character very unsympathetic, series doesn't make progress, you have the feeling that the same thing always happens), The Wire (pilot film couldn't convince me, then didn't see anything more). Who else knows anything that might suit my taste? Thanks in advance!