It is forbidden to take photos at train stations

Frankfurt / Main (dpa / tmn) - architecture, people and encounters: train stations offer many interesting motifs for amateur photographers. In the search for it, it can make sense to observe for a longer period of time and also dare to experiment, advises the Photo Industry Association.

For example, movements of crowds or incoming trains are a popular motif - but recording them requires trying out exposure times, dragging along or a time-lapse function.

A tripod or monopod is essential for long exposures. It is also easier to pull the camera along. The tripod also helps with panoramic shots, with which one can capture the often imposing architecture.

But photographers should not only pay attention to equipment and technology. Because you are not allowed to take unlimited photos at train stations. The domiciliary right usually rests with the operator - in Germany mostly with Deutsche Bahn. Anyone planning larger photo campaigns should get a permit beforehand. Other rules may apply abroad: Some countries regard train stations as strategically important infrastructure, so photography is prohibited there. So you should inquire beforehand whether you can take photos.

It is also important to observe the personal rights of the people who may be photographed. As soon as people are image-defining, you have to get permission from them before you publish such an image. According to the association, there is no rule that from a certain group size you can simply publish pictures. One means of protecting personal rights are long-term recordings in which the faces are blurred.