Is 20 old

Feeling old in your late twenties

i discovered a post with the title in another forum. and when I read it, I just thought, that's how I feel, at least in part.

On the one hand, it was about the fact that more and more expectations come to you (end of your studies, start of your career, family planning, etc.) and you no longer feel so free, because you are now at an age in which you are expected to be yourself sometimes behaves as an adult and stands on his own two feet, but has just finished his studies and has little work experience or is just getting started. and that you can't do so much with children, get married, etc. yourself ...

and on the other hand, it was also about the appearance and the signs of physical decline (loss of skin density, wrinkles, etc.) it was also the talk of the fact that people in their 20s simply look better than people in their 30s (figure-wise, skin-technically ) and that you also notice the first signs of expiration. you like to make yourself 1 year younger so that you are more likely to be in the middle than the end of 20, etc.

and somehow I can understand that very well. don't get me wrong, i know it's superficial, a natural process and should somehow be taken for granted.

I think being an adult is very good and important. especially the spiritual being grown up. I think it's good to be responsible for myself, to no longer have to listen to my parents, to listen to their advice, concerns etc., but then to do my thing, etc. to furnish my apartment the way I like it, to earn money and to no longer have to believe that they belong. i often find the problems of children and teenagers very ridiculous and i can't do much with people with naive ideas who completely ignore serious issues. I lack empathy. I don't know if that's that good either. Well, on top of that, I was never the party guy either. clearly in the past you thought you had to go there now because everyone does it like that, etc. today I go somewhere because I think I like it, but not because everyone goes there. At the same time there are things that have been kept and sometimes you ask yourself, can I still go there now, or at what age does it get ridiculous etc.

I have real problems with the outward signs of “getting older”. i often find people my age no longer looking “young”, found them looking better 5 years ago and see more and more things in me that i don't like.

of course i can't prevent that, that is the passage of time, that is clear to me. you can't always look young. I also find people who are no longer very young, very pretty, e.g. Iris Berben. But above all people in the transition between young and old are somehow less prettier than before.

somehow I would like to have a more relaxed and less superficial attitude towards it.