Men are attracted to women with abs

How do you guys find muscles here?

Sometimes we stand in front of the mirror to check our muscles, half seriously, half for fun. We raise our arms on the right and left and tense. With very, very much effort, we then recognize small bumps where the so-called biceps should be. Not bad, we think for a moment. And then we think: Ok, actually really bad! And then we don't really care, we drop our arms and look for something to wear.

We girls may want to be thin, we don't want to have buffeting arms under any circumstances, we certainly don't want our mashed potato legs to protrude beyond our breasts and all that stupid nonsense - but we never really want "muscles". Dumbbell training, pull-up bars in the door frame, six-pack ambitions, in the worst case also protein shakes, this whole muscle-beauty ideal is somehow a man's thing. Unless you are a half-desperate woman over 50 and see muscle building as the only youth maintenance measure beyond lifting (Madonna or, more recently, Sandra Bullock).

If you think about why that is the case, all you get is stupid clich├ęs women are the more delicate sex, bulky, angular shapes don't suit them so well, just a few muscles too much can give them a transsexual appearance, and that's probably very unsexy, blah blah blah. Unfortunately, it is somehow true. Men take a lot longer to hit the muscle overdose and just look like an action figure.

But how is it really with you guys? Are you into women's muscles after all and we don't know anything about it? I mean, sometimes, quite sometimes, when we hang around drunk somewhere, we hear remarks from your mouths like: "Mmmh, she has such a well-toned stomach" or "Tight arms!". But if we ask you soberly about it, you are always quite tame and good and say: "Oh nonsense, who wants to touch such a hard body, the tummy is the absolute hammer, just leave it as it is!"

Guys, please clarify: What about girls' muscles?

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