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Experience with side effects, discontinuation

03/20/2018 Comment from Maria C .:

I was given a high dose of pregabalin because of an inflammation of the nerves ... I was not feeling well while taking it, insomnia, increased muscle tension, blurred vision, palpitations ..., I wasn't myself. So I tried to reduce it according to a doctor's scheme, even though the family doctor said I might have to take the drug for life.

This resulted in withdrawal symptoms such as diarrhea, anxiety, sweating and much more and I had to stay in a rehab for two weeks. I definitely wouldn't have made it alone. It took me a long time to get back to normal.

I can only recommend anyone who experiences something similar, even if it is a tough road! I'm doing very well without it! Trust yourself and your body. All the best!

02.06.2019 experience of jesus3333:

I've been taking pregabalin for years, and now wanted to take it off. It's hell. I sleep until noon, my brain is on strike, everything is going wrong. I wanted to go to the clinic, but pregabalin is not on the withdrawal list.

Neuropathic pain in MS

12/11/2017 Comment from steve:

I've had up to 375mg of Lyrica for the past 5 years. After the diagnosis of MS, it was the first drug I was offered.

For a long time I wasn't aware that it was also used against anxiety.

I dosed down to 50-75mg for about 1 year. Then discontinued. As with the first two attempts, the withdrawal symptoms always begin to escalate after about 10 days. Bad stomach. Not resilient. Depressed, discouraged. Racing heart, insomnia.

Today is day 15 and I still feel dizzy. I feel it is an omission that none of my doctors have a reasonable understanding of it and can tell me how I can sleep at least every few days?

I had been given around 60-70mg for a very long time. The setting down, however, went with the left!

I can really only advise everyone to do their research before you take it and also before you take it off. My doctors are primarily neurologists. They have no clue.

In rehab, they wanted to "stop me coldly". Since then I knew how difficult it is. In the doctor's letter or something like that, it was said that you should only stop taking it as an inpatient and taking anti-epileptic drugs.

'Electric shocks'

04/30/2017 experience of nika:

Hello everybody

I got the medication in the clinic where I am now, afraid of pain and unable to sleep

I've been taking it for 5 days and I'm not feeling well at all. like electric shocks in my body looking very funny in my head. feel like everything is going on like in the film. I also have the feeling that the muscles are even harder and that they may be putting pressure on my nerves? I don't know, then sometimes words don't come to mind.
Man what is that?
Does anyone know that?

Against neuralgia

12/30/2015 comment from anon:

I have nerve damage to the L4 / L5 intervertebral disc and the bottom of my leg. Of all my medications, Lyrica helps me the most. I can tell when I've missed a tablet: then my pain increases sharply. The pain relievers hide the pain and do not do very well on cold and rainy days. Lyrica really helps with the pain - it's the best nerve pain reliever I've ever had. As a side effect, however, I gained 19kg. I've had a lot of side effects on Neurontin. As much as I hate the 19kg, I'm incredibly happy to have this drug.

Detailed (new) information

06/11/2015 Sarah's experience:

I have been taking pregabalin every day for years - but I know almost nothing about this drug because I am sometimes very inattentive. Could be because of the medication that I can't open my peepers properly, or because my brain isn't working properly.
Detailed (new) information is very welcome - whether on a psychological or physical level. Thank you for your great information and for being up-to-date. Read the message about the post-marketing study that I couldn't find anywhere else.
Greetings Sarah


02/18/2015 - comment from hellas:

I have a question. Can you take the drug with tavor and zolpidem for polyneuropathy?

Withdrawal of lyrics

01/16/2019 experience of vANESSA:

I take 10 lyrika a day; sometimes 20 lyrika 300 mg, then again for a few days nothing at all, but I'm still on 110 mg polamidon a day. The pola helps me to get through the days until the next lyric intake. I'm totally now shocked that it comes to such violent withdrawal certificates, I thought I am set to too little pola and that's why this shitty state of mind. Do you think I should do a stationary withdrawal or should I down dose myself? How long does such a withdrawal from the stuff take? What symptoms do I have to be prepared for during withdrawal? I am now fully afraid. I would be very grateful for your answer.

Medication for borderline disorder (pregabalin)

08/27/2019 Experience of Moonskind:

I would like to know which medis can help you? Antidepressants have no effect on my massive inner tension and fears. I think they make it even worse. Now it has been suggested to use pregabalin. Has anyone had any experience with it? I'm currently taking Tavor every day because of an acute illness. Unfortunately, there is no other way. Otherwise run amok and drink and hurt me and others
Thanks in advance.

09/01/2019 Experience of Dis:

I just started pregabalin. To get away from Tavor. I still have both in combination.

09/03/2019 Guest experience:

“Pregabalin” is the same as “lyrica”, I mean and by that name it is much more common. Under ***** you will find hundreds of experience reports, judgments, questions and answers about this and other medis. Lyrica is traded in the drug scenes as a highly effective "droning drug". I myself have no experience. All the best, diamonds

Stopping, tapering off pregabalin

01/26/2020 Experience of jesus333:

I have been taking pregabalin (lyric) for almost 10 years. I have now sneaked out, and for almost 5 months without it. I go through hell. Every day I have side effects of weaning, ear rushing, headaches, toothache, loss of personality, fears, very long sleep, burning on the skin, stomach problems, nightmares, body aches, etc. and no help, because no doctor is familiar with it. no one knows how long these side effects last.

Pregabalin for Small Fiber PNP and Fibromyalgia

03/06/2020 Chillmaus experience:

Am f, 63, and have been taking pregabalin 300 mg twice a day for a year because of small fiber PNP and fibromyalgia. I tolerated it quite well, but for a few weeks I was constantly nausea and I was exhausted and powerless very quickly, so I wanted to reduce the dose. My neurologist prescribed duloxetine instead, and my condition continued to worsen. So I tried cold withdrawal, it was hell! For 2 days I was dead sick, dizzy, couldn't stand on my feet and just lay in bed, impossible to eat!

I stopped and took 150mg, one in the evening and one in the morning, and immediately felt better. I try to slowly taper the pregabalin further. I would rather endure the burning pain in my legs and hands than continue adding this chemistry to my body!

Lyrica 75 mg twice a day

11/10/2020 mucki's experience:

I have polyneuropathy after an operation. got the wrong medication despite the fact that I have histamine intolerance, i.e. no NSAIDs.

From the neurologist Lyrica and Cymbalda, 2x 75 Lyrica….
After 4 months of extreme reflux, constant urination, even at night, finally
Vomiting after breakfast, whether it's tea or coffee, has slowly stopped myself!

More experiences, testimonials

Nadua said on 12/10/2020:
Exactly 3 weeks ago I took the last dose of Lyrika and no matter how shitty I still feel:
I have been substituted with methadone for 20 years and would never have thought that there would be a worse withdrawal than from opiates, e.g. Codeine. I damaged my body more in the 2 years of Lyrika than in the 30 years of opiate addiction. The worst is the constant choking and vomiting, nausea, unable to eat. Hopefully this will stop soon. Slowly tapered off from 200 mg. Even ivh I opened the capsule, took out some of it and then closed it again because of the delayed effect. Went well. Ñie, never again….

M. T. said on 01/29/2021:
I've been on H. for about 20 years or in substitution since 2011. I have found that the withdrawal is always the same bad over the years. Regardless of whether Pola, Methadon, Subotex, Substitol, or H. First sneeze, then throw up, diarrhea, etc. The only difference was that the withdrawal began sometimes earlier and sometimes later.

That hoppchen said on 02/27/2021:
Hello, I'm going crazy. Taken pregabalin for 2.5 years, let slip and only problems.
Nausea, insomnia, stomach ache, moody, unresponsive.
The pain was never gone either. Despite the medication.
Also heard it was heroin substitute.
And that's what they do to us.
Will never take medication again.
What I find worst is that my doctor adamantly claims that there are no withdrawal symptoms. Do I see differently? U am glad not to be alone with it.

Anonymous said on 3/9/2021:
I've been taking pregabalin for two years. 100 mg in the evening and 75 mg daily.
I feel like my nerve ache has gotten worse. I can barely walk. My legs are like lead and I walk like on a hard rubber mat .. I walk like drunk and still have pain.
The pants on the legs hurt.
What am I to do. I'm afraid to stop taking the pills. Can someone help me?
Many Thanks. Ingrid Marie

Bubi 1989 said on 04/08/2021:
Before I withdrew from Lyrica, I took Lyrica for a total of 5 years due to anxiety, initially 75mg for two years and 600mg (maximum dose) daily and withdrew it three weeks ago. The withdrawal symptoms are hell and lasted for 3-4 weeks on me. Say strong inner restlessness, anxiety, dizziness, headache, tremors
Can't recommend Lyrica to anyone.

Kati said on 04/12/2021:
I was given pregabalin in a clinic, have been taking 150 mg med. For about 2 years. Since I tolerate it badly and actually don't know what I had to take it for, I have tried slowly to taper it off. For a year now I'm at 50 mg. Arrived, but stuck for a long time. I feel furtable, have terrible symptoms, some days I feel like I'm dying ... I've never felt so bad in my life! I don't have a doctor who can help me! Can't leave the house either, everything is fordable and I wanted to warn everyone to just “turn on” any medication !!! PS.see for help

Patrick said on 04/29/2021:
who can help me

What's the best way to sneak out of Lyrica ..?
It makes you damn dependent even worse than Tavor in my opinion .. !!!

I am grateful for any advice.

I am currently taking 425 mg throughout the day.

Borderline princess said on May 3rd, 2021:
Hello, I'm also borderline, have been addicted to pregabalin since severe psychological benzo, At first I thought this drug will save me, because anxiety, depression, hurting yourself & others was completely gone, but as others write here, the effect is getting less and less, you have to take more and more ... I was also on Tavor & always needed more & when I read through what it does to me when I take off the pregabalin, I'm shocked .. I have to take it off immediately, no matter what I'll have withdrawal symptoms ... & everyone I know say I should rather try the gabapentin, which I will probably do ... that's all I can say about it ...

Burgundy said on 05/15/2021:
I was prescribed ciprofloxacin for cystitis. The bacteria disappeared and the bladder pain tripled. No common flavors helped. No emergency room in various hospitals could and or wanted to help me, no findings in the urine ... by chance I described my insanely painful suffering to a psychiatrist, which had been going on for several weeks. She acted immediately, prescribed pregabalin for me. Help was finally on the horizon! I found out the amount and the time of intake, 25 mg every 6 hours, myself. The early days were almost unbearable, nightmares, dizziness, cardiac arrhythmias, extreme forgetfulness and sweating, inability to write properly with the pen, insane back pain. After about 3 months it was then in the plumb, with 10 kg weight gain. After a year now the attempt to sell it. Step by step. 25 mg every 14 days. Withdrawal symptoms similar to when you started taking it, but with sudden feelings of fear. The pain doesn't come through until now. That motivates me to continue weaning .. and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting the 10 kg down again. In any case, Pregabalin helped me otherwise I would not have wanted to survive this insane pain.

Kathi said on 05/20/2021:
It makes me feel very drowsy
I got it for nerves and muscle aches.
the pregabalin makes me a zombie,
I see everything like in a thumbs-up, as if every second picture is missing.
I walk wobbly, swaying.
Thinking clearly is not possible.
This stuff is good for people who want to get drunk but not for people who still want to participate in everyday life.

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