How many women did Akbar have

Salim and Anarkali: love to death

If it actually happened as the legend tells us - but that is not so important.

Much more important is that two people loved each other, but were still not allowed to be together - we have known that all too well since Romeo and Juliet. In this case, things should have been a bit more complicated. After all, Salim was the son of the Indian mogul Akbar, and his beloved, the beautiful Anarkali, after all, only his slave. But as it is in life: with whom you fall in love, you cannot choose, different caste or not.

But if the love is so great that you even go to war against your own father for it, the catastrophe is programmed. But first things first: It was clear that the forbidden love between the heir to the throne Salim and Anarkali, famous for her beauty and dancing skills, would not pass at court. Father Akbar, initially torn between his duties as a Mughal and the feelings of a father, can no longer endure the fact that his son, the future ruler of a huge empire, is supposed to be in a relationship with a simple courtesan. And so he offers everything he can think of in terms of intrigue and deviousness to break the couple apart.

He begins to put Anarkali under pressure, develops tactics so that the young woman could fall in the favor of his lovesick son - in vain. The situation escalates when Salim finds out about him. Without further ado, he declares war on his father. One that he cannot win in the face of a huge opposing army. The battle is lost and Salim is sentenced to death.

And Anarkali provides the greatest possible proof of love by giving her life for his: she intervenes against the death sentence and sacrifices herself to save her lover. She is walled in while she is alive - before the eyes of her lover Salim.

A tragic love story always includes doubts and the hope that everything ended very differently. The myth about Salim and Anarkali says that she did not die at all and that her grave was constructed in such a way that the young woman was able to save herself through a secret tunnel. After her escape, she went into hiding and was never allowed to return to Salim's realm. Salim, who later gave himself the ruler's name Jahangir, is said to have loved his Anarkali, dead or alive, to the end of his life. Eternal love.