Poor vision is seen as a disability

Visual Impairment - Definition, Causes, and Therapy

Promise the greatest treatment success Therapeutic approaches that fight the causative diseases. Such therapies, as long as they are started early enough and there are treatment options for these diseases at all, can prevent the progression of the visual impairment or even improve eyesight. This often requires surgery or drug treatment.

In the case of congenital or not treated, or treated too late, visual impairment is an improvement in visual acuity unfortunately only rarely possible. Therefore, the main focus when treating these patients is usually on the Preservation of the remaining eyesight and the avoidance of disease progressionthat could further reduce this.

There are also a few surgical treatment options for people who already have severe, but only gradual, visual impairments. These forms of therapy are aimed at Eyesight improvement from. An example of this would be the so-called “Retina Implant System”, which can easily improve the eyesight of the affected person. However, only very small improvements in the single-digit percentage range have so far been possible through these operative interventions.

At the same time, with every treatment of visual impairments, the remaining visual acuity is tried with Toolsto assist in order to increase the quality of life of those affected. These aids include, for example, specially adapted glasses or contact lenses, screen readers and light protection glasses. The use of these aids is always an important part of any therapy and can make life with the visual impairment much easier.