Why is construction booming right now?

Construction is booming - industry is optimistic - hospitality is the corona loser

With these words, IHK President Felix G. Hensel commented on Monday, May 10, the results of the IHK business survey carried out in April, in which 553 companies with more than 42,000 employees from industry, construction, trade and the service sector in the Siegen districts took part -Wittgenstein and Olpe involved.

"Development that inspires"

The economic climate index - it results from the assessment of the situation and expectations - increases by 18 points to a value of 118 and thus to the highest level since January 2019. 39 percent of the companies from Siegen-Wittgenstein and Olpe report a good and 20 percent of a bad situation. The business outlook for the coming months has also improved significantly (+18 points). Felix G. Hensel: “Since the economic low point a year ago, the climate index has climbed by more than 50 points. This is a very positive development that is encouraging. "

For the first time in two years, more companies want to increase staff (18 percent) than reduce (17 percent). At the beginning of the year, the ratio of positive and negative employment intentions was 14 to 25 percent.

The companies in the Olpe district rate the situation better than in Siegen-Wittgenstein.

In large parts of the industry, the positive reports predominate. 42 percent rate their current business situation as good, 14 percent as bad. IHK General Manager Klaus Gräbener: “For the most part, our industry is buzzing again. Incoming orders have increased noticeably. The occupancy rate has grown significantly. Maybe we'll be over the mountain faster than expected. "

At the wrong time, dark clouds are currently gathering from the other side. Numerous companies are struggling with high energy and raw material prices and significantly increasing input material costs. Felix G. Hensel: “The availability of materials is becoming a bottleneck. Three quarters of industrial companies are currently complaining about delivery bottlenecks, 93 percent are reporting rising raw material costs. These are historically high values. The economic engine, which is just getting going, threatens to stutter again soon. "

The construction industry is still unaffected by the Corona crisis. Almost all of the construction companies surveyed stated that their business situation was good or satisfactory. Economic expert Stephan Häger: “The order books in the construction sector are well filled and capacity utilization is very good. But material shortages and rising costs are also a big issue in the construction industry. "

The situation in parts of the retail sector is still extremely difficult. Six out of ten retailers rate their current business situation as bad, only one fifth as good. However, after the first advances in the vaccination campaign, fashion retailers and car dealers in particular are looking more optimistically into the future again.

In the hospitality industry, the values ​​are in the basement - both in terms of location and expectations.

On the other hand, the mood is extremely gloomy throughout the catering trade. Nine out of ten restaurateurs rate their business situation as poor. The future prospects are also marked by clear pessimism.

Klaus Gräbener: “These are underground values. The endless lockdown is hugely affecting the hotel and hospitality industry. Numerous companies are struggling to survive without real prospects. Many of them no longer believe that the lights will come on again after the crisis. Large parts of these companies feel abandoned by politics. "