Why are moral values ​​essential

Moral worth and accountability

Ethics pp 57-73 | Cite as

  • William K. Frankena
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We have dealt extensively with the central question of normative ethics: What are the basic principles, criteria or standards by which we can decide what is morally imperative to us, what is morally right or wrong, and what are our moral rights? - We have already seen, however, that besides those judgments in which we designate actions or types of actions as right, wrong or dutiful, there are also other moral judgments, namely judgments in which we speak of persons, character traits, motives, intentions etc. say they are morally good or bad, responsible, blameworthy or praiseworthy, admirable or despicable, virtuous or vicious, heroic, saintly, etc. So we must also say something about the basis or standard on which we should make these judgments .

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