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May 2021
The short film PROLL! with Gabi Herz won the German competition of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Director: Adrian Figueroa
Production: Movie five

The story of Cornelia, Juri and Murat is told laconically and with fine observations: One day each in the life of a clickworker, a parcel delivery company and a factory worker.

In this way, the film could also trace the supply chain of a product, but the protagonists themselves always miss each other, says director Figueroa: They have no way of showing solidarity with one another, “and then ultimately remain behind in their individual struggle”.

The film was a confrontation with the word "Proll" or "Proletarian", says director Figueroa. “We were interested in why the Marxist-style proletarian had actually disappeared from linguistic usage - and: Who is the proletarian of today? Who is today's worker? "

At the same time it was a confrontation with the distorted image of the worker, “which is often drawn as white, straight, naive, racist, anti-queer, fearful, angry, masculine, so proll. And we wanted to question this image."(Source: