Can I get through life without work

9 reasons why we work

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Author: Redaktion

Sometimes we just want to quit the job ... But if we didn't have the job, we probably wouldn't be happy either. Why do we actually go to work and what does it bring us besides money? We have summarized a few reasons why work is valuable to us.

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1. Make money

money alone does not make you happy

Let's not kid ourselves: The most obvious reason for the daily work is and remains the money. Of course, we have to work to pay our rent, have food in the house and occasionally be able to afford something special that doesn't just cover basic needs.

2. Make a career

The best view comes after the toughest climb

The career ladder is tempting to many people. Being able to determine something, having a little power over others and enjoying a certain status - for some of us that is reason enough to go to work.

3. Live out your calling

Choose a job that you love and you won't have to work a day in your life

Work can be a calling! If you are committed to a specific topic and can help people through your work, then you are fulfilling your calling. But don't worry if that doesn't apply to you: a calling is not just around the corner.