How much does the iPhone 5 cost

Apple smartphoneHow Much Does the iPhone 5 Really Cost?

Even before the official launch of the iPhone 5 on Friday (September 21), Apple is breaking all records. Despite a price of 679 euros (without a contract) for the cheapest model with 16 GB of storage, there are more than two million orders. In New York and Hamburg are already queuing in front of Apple stores.

But how high are the actual manufacturing costs of the new Apple smartphone? Various websites have carried out an analysis of the production process and their estimates have come to different results. The specialists at iSupply calculate that Apple would have to spend 207 dollars (approx. 160 euros) to manufacture an iPhone 5 (16 GB).

Estimates are between 129 and 160 euros

Individual components such as the A6 processor ($ 17.50), the camera ($ 18) and the touchscreen ($ 44) are named. ISupply had determined a total price of 196 dollars for the iPhone 4S.

Techinsights, on the other hand, comes at a cost of $ 167.50 (approx. 129 euros) because the components used are generally estimated to be cheaper. For the camera, the magazine puts around 10 dollars, the touchscreen is said to be worth only 7.50 dollars - which seems unrealistic little.

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500 euros profit?

The margin - 500 euros or more - for the electronics company appears enormously high in all cases. However, various factors that are of enormous importance do not appear in these invoices: development and research costs, the construction of factories and production lines, the salaries of employees, costs for transport, storage, advertising and PR measures. That devours millions of dollars that Apple first has to invest in the product before even a cent reaches the company's account.

No official numbers

Since Apple won't publish the manufacturing costs for the iPhone 5, there is no certainty about the numbers. Nobody knows how much Apple actually pays for materials and components. And the development investments cannot be quantified either.

Nevertheless, it is no coincidence that the group is most valuable company in the world has risen. The sales success of the iPhone, including a big profit, is one of the most important reasons.

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