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Questions and answers about our prepaid tariffs


What are the advantages of prepaid tariffs?

A prepaid tariff is exactly the right thing for you if you want to be flexible and mobile.
Your advantages:

  • No binding contract: you retain complete freedom
  • No minimum term: you can end your prepaid plan at any time
  • No basic fee: You have no payment obligations and can reduce costs to zero at any time
  • Full cost control: You pay a maximum of what you have previously charged yourself
  • Without Schufa: For our prepaid tariffs, you do not have to provide evidence of creditworthiness
  • Flexible services: Book additional options if required - and cancel them at any time.

"Prepaid or contract"

Which is better: contract or prepaid? Quick comparison

Are you still hesitating between a prepaid card and a mobile phone contract with a term? Then take a look at the differences in comparison here.

Ortel Mobile prepaid tariffs

No contract
No minimum contract period
No basic fee
Full cost control - by paying in advance
Flexible booking and removal of components
Automatically ends when you stop paying
Available without Schufa examination

Mobile phone contracts with a term

Fixed term contract
Usually a minimum contract term of 24 months
Monthly basic fee
Subsequent invoice - can be higher than expected
Fixed tariff components
Normal termination with notice period. Usually automatic renewal without notice
Schufa check of creditworthiness

Which is the cheapest prepaid tariff?

The cheapest prepaid tariff is always the one that exactly meets your personal needs - at a low price and without unnecessary extras. With Ortel Mobile you can easily find your ideal tariff. Regardless of whether you only want to be available on the move or whether the smartphone is the focus of your life. And because things always change in life, all of our prepaid tariffs are very flexible. So that you can adapt them directly to your current needs.

Are you unsure what the best prepaid tariff should look like for you? In the following we will guide you step by step through the selection.

1. Book tariff options or pay according to consumption?

With Ortel Mobile prepaid tariffs, you can choose whether you pay exactly according to consumption or use cheap tariff options with flat rates.

Without tariff options: Pay according to consumption

If you do not book a tariff option, the basic prices of our prepaid cards apply.

  • You only pay for what you use - accurate to the minute / SMS and megabytes.
  • Inexpensive if you just want to be reachable or use your cell phone very little.

With tariff options: low-cost flat rates and packages

For normal needs, tariff options quickly become cheaper. Because their flat rates and packages offer worthwhile price advantages compared to individual billing. Available options are e.g .:

  • Internet flats - for relaxed surfing on the go, also with LTE
  • Allnet Flats - for endless calls to all German landline and mobile networks
  • Smart World - with minute packages or telephone flat rates to many countries

Good to know: All options only run for 4 weeks - and can be canceled at any time

Which prepaid tariff options are right for me?

Discover the ideal options for your needs here:

  • Do you like to make phone calls with your smartphone? Then our Allnet Flats are the right choice. For example, they offer a Germany flat rate for endless calls to all German networks - of course also in combination with Internet flat rates for mobile phones.
  • If you only want mobile internet: Just book an internet flat rate and go online relaxed at high speed - even in the fast LTE network.
  • Do you often make calls abroad? That's why we have the Smart World offers. With them you secure particularly favorable conditions for calls to up to 50 countries.
  • For everyone who wants to surf and stream via WLAN at home, our LTE router with Internet Flat is ideal. Simply set it up, connect the power and go online at LTE speed. Discover everything about the Internet for your home now.

Are you still unsure? Don't worry: all prepaid tariff options are very flexible and only have a minimum term of 4 weeks. So you can simply book it, try it out and cancel it at any time. In this way you can find out quickly and risk-free which prepaid packages are the best for you.

2. Which internet flat rate do I need for my smartphone?

With flats for mobile internet, two points are important: How much data volume does it contain? And is LTE available for fast surfing?

Which data volume suits me?

The more you do online on the go, the higher the data volume of your tariff should be.

  • For beginners, 3 GB high-speed data volume is a good start
  • If you want to stream videos and music from time to time, you should opt for 6 GB
  • Our tip: Most customers secure 10.5 GB high-speed data volume for mobile fun
  • Do you surf and stream quite a bit on your phone? Then 14 GB will suit you well.
  • Is your life almost entirely digital? Our 25 GB Internet Flat also offers enough data volume for this.

The best thing about the Ortel Mobile prepaid tariffs: You can simply switch or end all options after 4 weeks. So if you need more or less surfing volume, you simply change your tariff.

Can I use prepaid internet with LTE?

Yes, you can use prepaid LTE with our tariffs. LTE - also known as 4G - is the current network standard for mobile Internet. If you still have a tariff that only offers the older 3G network (UMTS), you should switch from your previous provider to Ortel Mobile as soon as possible.

3. What do I have to consider about abroad and roaming?

If you are abroad: EU roaming included

With Ortel Mobile, all the advantages that your prepaid tariff offers in Germany also apply in all other EU countries. Because the so-called EU roaming is always included in the price.

That means for you:

  • Call and surf in other EU countries under the same conditions as in Germany
  • The options you have booked are also valid in other EU countries
  • You also have the same advantages as in the EU in Great Britain, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

Call abroad from Germany

Are you in Germany and want to make calls to other EU countries or other countries around the world? Then the normal Germany flat rates do not apply. But with our tariffs you can still reach friends and family worldwide cheaply - either at the price per minute or with one of our "World" tariff options.

Make international calls with World Options

Do you often call certain countries? Then the world options are worthwhile:

  • Packages from 180 to 1000 minutes for calls to 50 countries
  • A flat rate for calls to 47 countries

Discover all world options here.

Call abroad at the price of the minute

Do you just want to call friends or family abroad from time to time? You can do this in every Ortel Mobile prepaid tariff at a low price per minute.

The exact prices depend on where you want to make cheap calls abroad.

Can I take my phone number with me?

Yes. It is even worthwhile for you if you take the number of your previous SIM card with you when you switch to Ortel Mobile.

Your advantages with number portability:

  • 10 euro credit for you. This means that the prepaid credit is well filled right away
  • Your friends can reach you as usual under your previous number
  • You save yourself changes, e.g. on business cards or on your website
  • You don't have to pay anything extra to bring your phone number to Ortel Mobile

How does the credit work with prepaid tariffs?

With a prepaid card, you first pay credit into your prepaid account (“prepaid” is English for “advance payment”). You can then use the loaded credit e.g. for tariff options, minutes and much more.

Your advantages with the credit account:

  • You can never use more than what you paid in beforehand.
  • You always have full cost control
  • There are no subsequent invoices and no cost shock

What if your credit is used up?

  • You can recharge it at any time
  • You alone decide how much you want to deposit
  • You can receive calls and SMS even without credit

Bonus credit for porting your number

At the start, secure a large amount of credit for your Ortel Mobile SIM card: All you have to do is take your previous phone number with you.

How can I add credit to the prepaid card?

You can top up your account online and buy prepaid cards in stores. Incidentally, your credit balance can be checked at any time by mobile phone.

Here you can find all information about topping up your credit.