Should be single in your 20s

Why is it so great to be single in your 20s?

You are single, free and young. Why pout when you can party Here are 17 great reasons you should be glad you're single in your 20s!

Being in your 20s is like being trapped between two worlds. You still have some of the energy and vitality of a teenager. But you also have some of the wisdom you need when you hit your 30s. As a Millennium, the world is your oyster! You know enough about the world before computers and the internet, but you were also able to keep up with the technological tide.

So, with all the great things you are going through in your 20s, why should you focus so much on the fact that you are single? Do you have to be in a relationship to feel validated? Feel complete? Do you need that one relationship to define your 20s? Seriously what's wrong with being single?

Why your single years are best lived in your 20s

If you feel that your 20s are not complete without a partner by your side, then you may be forgetting a few things ...

# 1 You can focus on your career. You are just getting started in your career so obviously building a solid foundation is a good idea. While you're still young, it's the best time to hone your skills by learning things you couldn't learn in school while making useful connections along the way. There are tons of seminars, online courses, and books out there on anything you want to focus on. And if you find out that this career path is not for you, it is still not too late to change paths!

# 2 You can get fit. Your college life may have been full of binge eating, weekends crowded with beer, or just hanging out in your free time. Fitness may not have been your forte, but now that you are in your 20s you can make it a priority. Grab a firm footing in fitness before your metabolism crashes in your 30s!

# 3 It's the perfect time to travel. Without a partner who will take care of everything, how much money to spend and what to do, once you're there, you can go anywhere and do anything! Whether you want to go with friends or hike alone, everything is up to you. And if you happen to find a place you love, you don't have to tell a partner that you suddenly want to live there.

# 4 You can start a new hobby. Have you always wanted Try yoga? What about arts and crafts? Would you like to learn a new language? One hobby can take up as much time as another. The only difference is that it is next to impossible to argue with your hobby.

# 5 Charities would appreciate your help. Instead of a hobby, you can always spend your time and energy giving back to those in need. Volunteering won't make you paid in dollars, but with the thanks and sincere appreciation you get from those you've helped who need the money?

# 6 You experience the thrill of the first date. First dates aren't easy, but that doesn't mean they aren't fun. You meet someone who is new but you have no obligation or obligation to stay when things go wrong. Also, the more data you do first, the more you get used to it. This is a pretty good exercise for now if you are seriously looking to find a significant other.

# 7 You can have a summer / holiday / work day / travel / spring current. When engagement feels too heavy for you to take, that's when the wonders of the short flings come. There are no conditions so everything is just for fun. You have company when you feel alone, but you can always unsubscribe if you want some time for me. Being so carefree in your 20s also allows you to experiment sexually with almost anything and everyone.

# 8 You can spend as much time as you like. If all your friends are talking about their romantic dinner dates and the like on Instagram and Facebook, you can just sit around at home with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. You can use the notebook for the period from 10 to look at. You can stretch out on the bed and daydream for hours. And the best part is that you won't be interrupted by your partner asking what you are up to!

# 9 You can connect with friends old and new. Have you ever wondered what your 3rd approx Degree is your best friend up to these days? Don't be satisfied with an online conversation when you can meet in person! When looking for new friends, you can hang out where all the great people are going and make some new acquaintances along the way. Whether they are male or female friends you are with, there is no one in your life who suddenly becomes irrationally jealous.

# 10 You can see what you want. Watching a movie alone can actually be fun. Your focus is on the movie, and there isn't a distracting person next to you who is going to ask you all the obvious questions. And without a significant other to justify your movie of choice, you can watch pretty much anything as often as you feel.

# 11 You can catch up on reading. Our society would be wasted if people stopped reading books. Even if you've never been a bookworm, your 20s is a time to start. There are tons of novels out there about the crises of the average 20s case, and you're sure to find one to relate to! If that's not your thing, turn to the classics like Orwell, Lovecraft, Fitzgerald, and the Works. And if you want something, can you easily imagine George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" ?? Series is what Game of Thrones started, so check it out.

# 12 You don't have to share the bed. As soon as you get home, the bed is yours. You can pretend you're a starfish in your coat and shoes and no one will complain that you have dirt on the bed. There is no one lugging the covers around or snoring all night.

# 13 You can spend on anything you want. The thing about a significant other is that at times you feel like you're watching what you're spending. Money for things you want to buy needs to be put in the grocery fund or the vacation fund. Without anyone judging what you are spending your money on, pretty much anything you want can be bought! A gold-plated guitar? A stunned iPhone case? A tiara for your house cat? Do it!

# 14 Pamper yourself. Do you ever feel like you are selfish if you decide to go for a pampering session without inviting your significant other? Well, without charging a significant other, you can go into whatever pampering you choose to go further. From the haircut to the spa visit to the shopping spree, everything is your call and for your pleasure.

# 15 Your apartment can look what it looks like. Who? Interested if other people think leopard print leaves and bright graphic wallpaper are cheesy? You are free to design your home the way you like it without a partner having to leave you if you don't get rid of your furniture.

# 16 You can get a makeover without asking anyone. As we go on to say, your 20s are a good time to start experimenting. So if you want to restore your entire look, the time is perfect. Plus, nose rings, colored hair, and themed clothes will look ridiculous when you're in your 30s or older.

# 17 You can learn to be more independent. Having a boyfriend who does the crafting or having a girlfriend who teaches you the intricacies of housekeeping is all well and good, but learning it on your own is actually a more rewarding achievement.

I cannot emphasize this enough: you are young and free! Don't waste that youthful energy desperately trying to bond you with another individual. Go out and enjoy a teenager's youth and an adult's wisdom!