What is the best computer job

These are the best jobs in IT

Julie Bort / Sabine Schischka

There are many opportunities for a career in IT and technology. But which are the best? We have compiled the top 10.

EnlargeWhich are the most successful jobs in IT and technology? We have compiled the top 10.
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Jobs in the IT industry are brimming with career opportunities: responsible work, high wages, many opportunities for advancement. But some jobs are a little better than others.

The jobs and recruiting website Glassdoor has rummaged through the archives of its employee reports and created a top 25 list of the best US jobs in all industries. The evaluation was based on the following criteria: average basic annual income (without bonuses or other special payments), number of vacancies and the employees' own career assessment. This results in the general “job score”.

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We, in turn, have selected the ten most promising career jobs in IT and technology and have compiled them here. Although this evaluation is based on material for the US market, it also allows conclusions to be drawn for the German labor market. Especially since many trends begin in the USA before they spill over the Atlantic. The annual income was converted from US dollars.

10th place: software architect

Average annual income: 120,000 euros

Software architects develop large, complex software applications and visualize how the software could be used in a company. Interhyp, Daimler, Bosch, Media-Saturn, Continental, Adesso or the Haufe Group employ software architects.

9th place: UX designer

Average annual income: 85,000 euros

UX designers take care of the look and feel of software - that is, how an application ultimately feels to consumers - and optimize its handling. ING-DiBa, Axel Springer, NDR or Daimler are looking for UX designers.

8th place: QA manager

Average annual income: 79,000 euros

Quality assurance managers test software for errors and ensure that the application works the way it is supposed to. Wirecard, Daimer McFit, Bosch and MNet are among the companies that have advertised positions for QA managers.

7th place: Head of software development

Average annual income: 125,000 euros

A manager who directs, manages and oversees the development of software projects. Rohde & Schwarz, Bosch, Gothaer and Daimler are filling positions to manage software development

6th place: Analytics Manager

Average annual income: 97,000 euros

A manager who manages software and processes for analysis. Its database evaluations help the company to make decisions on company issues. Analytics managers are currently being hired by Allianz, Daimler, Capgemini or T-Systems.

5th place: software developer

Average annual income: 88,000 euros

A computer programmer. There are numerous levels of experience within the programmer, from novice to professional. There has been an excess of vacancies for developers for years

4th place: product manager

Average annual income: 98,600 euros

A manager who monitors and is responsible for software development or the development of an IT product. Fresenius, Bosch, Media Saturn and many others are hiring IT product managers.

3rd place: Mobile developer

Average annual income: 83,000 euros

A developer who programs mobile apps (e.g. for smartphones and tablets). Media Saturn needs specialists to program the new app store.

2nd place: Solutions Architect

Average annual income: 110,500 euros

A developer who designs large, complex IT systems. Media-Saturn, T-Systems, IKEA, Bosch and Daimler are currently looking for a solution architect.

1st place: data scientist

Average annual income: 108,000 euros

Nowadays companies collect more and more data - a trend known as “Big Data”. Data scientists are the people who are not only responsible for what data is collected, but also who ultimately analyze and evaluate it. Daimler AG and Vodafone Kabel Deutschland have currently advertised positions for data scientists.